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Review: Cirque De La Nuit boat party, 10th July

All aboard the infamous Cirque De La Nuit boat party!

Less is more the motto goes, so dressed in my bikini I head on down to Hostal Cirque De La Nuit in Playa D'en Bossa on what promises to be a great day for a boat party. On site a crowd of young twenty somethings are stretched out by the pool, pre drinks in hand as the rest stand in cue to get their grub on before our big seaside adventure - and with the promise of an open bar, getting a burger in for breakfast might just be the answer to the problem.

There's a buzz of excitement in the air as the hour strikes 13:30 and we are all assembled to the front of the house and start our parade down to the seaside where our boat awaits us. Greeting us on board are the sexy Cirque De La Nuit chicos and chicas eagerly pushing a glass of champy in our hands, as I head on up and make myself comfortable on the top deck of the ship. Judging by the DJ booth and the Void sound system right smack in front of me, I've made the right choice in seating, eager to get some tunes in my ears and feel the breeze in my hair.

After a short announcement explaining the dos and the don'ts my wish is granted in the form of CDLN resident DJ Ryan Platts who bangs on the tunes as soon as we set sail. A 5-minute pretense where everyone acts as if their on their best behavior but as soon as the first drinks come round the madness commences in the form of shaking booties and possessed fist pumping. Ryan kills it with underground remixes of commercial favourites like Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, the Claptone remix of Liquid Spirits, and the dreamy vocals of Elderbrook in How Many Times. He mixes these with some deep and dirty bass beats and as he picks up the tempo I hear Dr. May and Schuhmacher's Drop Your P's fly by, as the crowd is fuelled by the music as well as the champagne showers periodically flying by.

I'm grateful that the water is clear and calm as I stumble my way out of the dance floor mayhem and find relief in the downstairs shadier side of the boat as we make our pit stop at the picturesque coast of Formentera. I hear the first splashes as people dive off the boat into the crystal blue, to cool their heads from the sun (and the constantly topped up drinks). As the horn blows everyone is ushered back on board for the last stretch of the trip, some back on the dance floor and some take a seat and stare dreamily into the ocean. It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining, as we reach the coast of our lovely island Ibiza Ryan Platt pulls one more trick out his sleeve and plays the ever so appropriate The End by Dirty South as all our arms sway in unison.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Cirque de la Nuit

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