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Nils Frahm and Sven Väth at Heart

A very strong beginning for the new venue...

Talk about setting a benchmark. The newly opened Heart Ibiza puts on its first proper club event tomorrow night (Tuesday the 30th of June), showing Ibiza the level of quality it means to provide by booking one of the world's most talented, most influential and best loved DJs, Sven Väth. A huge name to pull, and one that makes perfect sense as an introduction of Heart to Ibiza's nightlife scene.

Now here's one we couldn't have seen coming - Heart has also enlisted the incredible Nils Frahm to play live before Sven. His expert composition and bold combining of the classical and electronic music worlds has earnt Nils Frahm a cult-like fanbase, so his arrival in Ibiza really is an occasion; we can't wait to see what piano and drum machine magic he weaves. Sven happens to be one of the afore mentioned 'Frahm fans', and their music should compliment each other perfectly. Nils Frahm begins at midnight, with Sven to play directly afterwards.

Heart's club programme will be released in a few days - look out for tickets and information on Spotlight very soon.

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