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Podcast: SPTL191: Miguel B

Exclusive mix and interview, Recorded on the magical island he calls home... Ibiza.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"On the magical island of Ibiza. I recorded it at the apartment where I am living“

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"It's a selection of old, new and a some of my own tracks, it represents my style which is a blend of hypnotic sounds, a lot of groove and a blend of different vibes throughout the mix.”

What are the musical influences for your mix?

"I have various musical influences; I played many different genres of music throughout my career. Starting when I was 16 in a small club in Spain, where I loved Hip-Hop, Rap, Disco, Funky House, Latin and many more. When I arrived to London my love for House and Techno was born, I especially loved the Cerca Trova and Fuse parties and like that, my main influences have been been Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rossko, Julian Perez, tINI and my close friend Holger who introduced me to the style of music”

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"The mix should be enjoyed with a cold beer, good friends and a good loud sound system on a sunny day or at a crazy after party.”

The Plug

So you moved to Ibiza, why? What brought you here?

“The music, the lifestyle, the people. I lived in Spain before I moved to London for over 15 years and felt I needed to go back to somewhere that feels like home and craved new inspiration. In London I found it hard to make time to enjoy life, as work was taking up to much of my time. In London, the stranger filled city, everyone is rushing around and everybody is chasing money and they forget what life is really about, being happy.”

You have played nearly in every club in London in the last 5 years. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I hope to reach my goals in the future. I would love to have a good studio setup to continue to DJ and produce and possibly become a sound engineer. I would also love to tour and spread the love of my music; music has a strong healing power and can have a big impact on people's life."

"I am a positive person and it makes me happy if I can pass that positivity onto the crowd and the people around me. Although I have played around London, one of the clubs I am missing out on is Fabric! I want to have played there within the next five years. That is one of my main goals.”

You have played and run events for over 5 years around London. How did it start and how did it go?

"I arrived in London for a fresh beginning. I wanted to learn more about life and music and felt London would be a good school for me to learn. I first started to run a Disco and House night in Wimbledon Village at a cocktail bar, every Thursday night, which wasn't easy at first. I met some amazing friends throughout my time in Kingston and started doing huge house parties. From then on we took it to the clubs, the only house and techno night in K-town- Underground Kingston. Being a success we ran five events in London throughout the year. Due to a work overload and having no time, I had to step aside but the boys are now running a party call Juice which has been a great success.”

What's the latest on your productions? Do you have anything in the pipeline?

"I have an EP releasing on Woo.ble Recordings within the next month and I am working on a collaboration at the moment, with my friend Marco Ferrari (M&ERC ) which is sounding great so far. But for now, I'm waiting to build a decent studio which I can lock myself into after the season in Ibiza, I want the fresh inspiration to stay with me throughout the year, where I can make some funky new tracks.”

Where do you find your inspiration? How does it contribute to your sound? What do you think about the current music scene?

"I find my inspiration in many moments in my day to day life. Talking to a friend, laying on the beach, watching the sky. I can get inspired anywhere, but the more beautiful it is, the more positive my sound will be. In London my sound was darker; here in Ibiza my sound is changing, it is happier, more musical. I hear a few DJ's and Producers out there who play and create the same tracks over and over again and feel they are a bad inspiration to the younger people who have this passion for music. I feel they are a false advertisement to what a DJ/ Producer is really all about, imitating their sounds they can get guided the wrong way. Especially what they call “Deep House”- for me, it has ruined the name, real deep house was a subgenre of House which was more melodic, a good example is PepeBradock – Deep Burnt. The message has changed, it's not about going to the club showing off, it's about being together, being open, loving each other, having fun and enjoying life. To find those good vibe parties is hard but when you find them, they will show you what music is really about, the positive message.”

Lastly, imagine you've got some well earned time off in Ibiza. What would you do? Who would you go with?

"I would go with my girlfriend all over the island and explore every spot in Ibiza. Partying by night and discovering by day. I'm in love with the island!"


DJ and producer Miguel B, based in Ibiza, was born in 1989 in Germany After producing tunes at the age of fourteen, he soon found himself behind the decks and began to carve out his skills as a DJ specializing in playing deep hypnotic beats and groovy rhythms that featured a dub influenced deep house and techno vibe.

After playing in several small clubs in southern Spain until he was 20, he did a big move and went to London (UK) where he has spent 5 years of his career and quickly has gained resident DJ spots at Vibe, Underground, Cue, Pacha Presents and many other events around the UK also supporting parties such has Used+Abused, Moodraw, Dynamics, Bedrock and has played in clubs like Fire, Crusifix Lane, Westbourne Studios, The Egg, Electric Brixton, Aquarium, Brixton Academy, Tribal Underground and many more.

He has warmed up for acts such as East End Dubs, Scott Kemp, Chris Lattner, Ittetsu just to name a few. He also played on radio stations such as Hoxton FM, Radio Provoque, 6Am Ibiza Underground as well as playing for audiences across Europe including Germany, Spain, Norway, Ukraine and the list goes on.

When it comes to production his first release was with Woo.ble Recordings and shortly after on ABA recordings also having is first vinyl release on Yoursistercallsmedaddy, and many more to follow.

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