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Podcast: SPTL188: Alex Pott + Ion Pananides

Two residents from Elrow and KER Club step up as Elrow confirms it will be back in the Space Discoteca for the 2015 season.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

Alex: "In our kitchen! (laughs)"

Ion: "I have a small studio in my house in Sitges (small town close to Barcelona) and we do a lot of stuff there, including this mix."

Talk us through the track selection of the mix? What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

Alex: "We wanted to do a fresh and dynamic sounding session, with Ibiza in the back of our minds."

Ion: "On one hand there's quite a big influence of French artists such as Apollonia, Phil Weeks and Julien Sandre. At the same time we've also included labels from Ibiza such as Isgud and Unblock as well as artists from the island such as Tato and Tuccillo."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

Ion: "I think in any setting! But maybe best on a summer's day, surrounded by friends in a nice place..."

Alex: "...on Ibiza of course!"

The Plug

Do you think Elrow reflects the Spanish love of a good fiesta?

Alex: "Absolutely. Elrow is the synonym of a huge party and in my opinion it's the funniest and craziest party on the island currently."

Ion: "Yes totally. At Elrow, you can leave all your prejudice at home and simply be yourself."

What's it like being the DJs at a party where you form only one part of the whole party, such is the focus on stage design, entertainers and the people? Does it take the pressure off?

Alex: "I wouldn't necessarily say so. We still have the responsibility to make sure the people have a great time and no matter how many 'special effects' a party has, the music is still the main thing."

Ion: "Correct. But we really enjoy what we do and we love the music and that helps keeping the pressure low!"

You're both residents at Ker Club in Barcelona. What makes Ker unique? Is it the people, the design, the location?

Ion: "Yeah we're both lucky enough to be residents at KER, which is a project of The Arnau family in Barcelona. I think KER is unique in terms of what's being offered as the line-ups are curated with a lot of care."

Alex: "The location which is used for KER (Danzatoria) in Barcelona is a beautiful club with multiple floors, an outside terrace with seaview and, most importantly, a really good sound system."

Individually, what are you both doing away from Elrow and Ker Club? Any productions or tours?

Ion: "We've spent a big part of our winter working on music in the studio. But we really want to take our time with it, we don't want to put out releases at any cost; we prefer to wait until we're completely happy with the result."

Alex: "Apart from our regular dates at KER Barcelona, we've also just been confirmed to play at Monegros Festival (named Groove Parade) this summer! Needless to say we're thrilled about that, it's a dream come true!"

Will you both be back on the island this season with Elrow?

Alex: "Yessir! This summer KER will be having its own floor at Space on Saturday nights alongside Elrow and Kehakuma and we'll be heavily involved of course."

Ion: "We'll be out on the Sunset Terrace and this floor still has that old Space feeling which I absolutely love. We can't wait to be back!"

Lastly, how would you spend the perfect day on Ibiza? Where would you go? What would you do?

Ion: "My perfect day starts waking up next to my girlfriend, having breakfast on the terrace of our finca and then spending the day at our secret beach."

Alex: "Same here, I'd just add our dog Chester!"

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