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The Zoo Project 2015 developments

Keeping all you party animals up to date on your home away from home, Zoo Ibiza.

The unique Zoo experience is diversifying, the latest enticing announcements coming a week before the earlybird ticket grace period ends on the 1st of April, giving you just enough time to get in there before prices rise. So here's what's new in the Zoo...

New arena features! Zoo is creating extensions and new structures throughout the whole venue which will transform the place into a visual delight and enhance the carnival atmosphere punters love from the off. The Tree House arena will see a major stage extension - look out for some fresh action here this summer. Meanwhile the Seal Pit is going back to nature and - without giving too much away - will feel more Zoo than ever before.

Most of these improvements are centred around Zoo's plans to enhance the performance aspect of all Zoo events. Performance is already an integral part of the experience and Zoo is keen to not only improve the show by bringing in some very talented new performers and ideas, but also increase interaction between parties and performers - so ravers bring your A-game and get involved!

Musically you'll have to be patient, as the Zoo team is expected to release line-up details over the next few months. We can give you a little teaser, however, and reveal that Harri & Domenic, Tuccillo, Terry Francis, Evan Baggs, Samuel Deep, Margaret Dygas, Hunee and Federico Grazzini will all be playing this summer. For a party with so much focus on visual and cultural entertainment and creative decorations, Zoo manages to consistently source interesting and diverse artists from the world of dance music - challenging its clientele to discover new sounds.

As mentioned, you've now only one week to nab your Zoo tickets at a discounted rate. Phrases like 'increased interaction', 'enhanced performance' and 'carnival atmosphere' can only take you so far in understanding; The Zoo Project needs to be experienced.

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