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Podcast: SPTL185: Jamie Roy

Island based artist agency IBZ Entertainment introducing Jamie Roy.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The mix was recorded at my home in Scotland, using my favourite set up of 2 x Pioneer CDJ2000s and a DJM800 mixer. First mix I have done since being back from Ibiza, I really enjoyed it."

Talk us through the track selection of the mix? What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive here?

"I wanted to do something that reflected what I liked to hear out in Ibiza over the summer, the techno for me was the stand out genre, so I included a couple of tracks from Coyu and Mark Broom as they're at the top of their game right now.
Waffs new one on Cocoon is an absolute beast aswell."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"At any house party before a big night out."

The Plug

We discovered you when playing our Ibiza Spotlight Space Takeover party with IBZ Entertainment, what's your story until that point? How did you get involved with the IBZ crew?

"I started DJing through my older brother who showed me what DJing and house music was all about. From there it was only natural I started producing. My first EP came out last June including a remix for Denney, I couldn't believe how well it went over the next coming months with DJs playing it out including solomun at Sankeys Ibiza (I was actually there to witness this)... all this made me realise this is what I want to do.

"Then at the start of the year Danny Whittle and James Whitehouse got in touch and I signed up straight away as these guys really know what they're doing. It feels great to be under such good management.

"But yeah Space. Wow. That night was one of my favourites of last season, It was a dream come true to play Space, can't think IBZ and Ibiza Spotlight enough."

You base yourself on Ibiza for much of last year, what's it like living and working here?

"I did my first season last year on Ibiza, it's the greatest little island in the world for me. It has without a doubt helped me with my music and playing places like Sankeys, Space and [Ibiza Rocks House] Pikes hotel are the things that make you more versatile as a DJ.

"There's something do to every single minute of the day, good music, good people and good food. Not much else you need really."

What's the latest on your production work? You have a new EP that's just been released we see?

"I have a big year coming up which is exciting. My EP 'Holy Stuff' is coming out on February. Also an EP including a remix from man of the moment Doorly. I have a 4 track EP coming out on Skreams new label on Unsoundmind. Can't wait to get these out."

What was it like working with Ki Creighton?

"Ki is a good friend of mine and label owner of Under No Illusion, we have exactly the same style musically which helps when producing. Our last EP on his label included remix's from Yousef and Tom Flynn which gained some airplay from Pete tong on his Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1. We have another couple of tracks coming out next year on a really big label which I can't say too much about just yet but I'm sure you will hear about it."

Cool. How about the DJ schedule, where are you to be found in the coming months?

"Next year is looking like a lot of fun. I run a monthly night in Dumfries with my older brother bringing guests like Slam and Yousef. Snowbombing in April and in and out of Glasgow... a lot Subclub. I'm especially keen to get back and play there: one of the best venues in the world."

What's the dream? Where do you want to be career wise in the coming years?

"The dream, it's hard to say to be honest. To still be releasing and playing music when I'm older. This music scene is addictive. I love it."

Finally, what would do with your down time on Ibiza? Where would you go? What would you do?

"This year I took my car over to Ibiza so I could explore, there's so much of the island I didn't experience last year. Santa Eulalia is beautiful, there's a great spa there, which after a 3 day melter is a great way to feel better ha!"


Jamie Roy first discovered house music at the age 14 after his brother played him records from both Green Velvet & DJ Sneak. Green Velvets heavy use of eclectic vocals along with DJ Sneaks badass groove were enough to get him hooked. The years that followed allowed Jamie to gain enough exposure to both channel & nurture his drive into furthering what would ultimately be his chosen career path. One of the real standout experiences that saw Jamie decide on his choice to further this path as a DJ was Daft Punks Alive tour at Rockiness... "My passion for music definitely comes from experiencing nights with friends and and seeing how we still talk about certain events to this day, that moment was one of them."

The production journey began 4 years ago. Keeping his mind open to genres and styles his most recent work has seen him produce music that has been recognised by some of todays heavy weights. Solomun, Sasha, Nic Fancuilli, Doorly & Amine Edge to name a few. Denny's remix of Jamie's track - Whats Your Name that dropped in August 2013 reached the Beatport top 100 which later led to a 4 track EP release on the up and coming imprint - Under No Illusion Records. Fast forward a couple of years and... "My first gig was with my friends uber from Carlisle. We played alongside Danny Rampling which was a great experience. This later inspired me to start up my own night which later got named - Funktion. Our first guest was Yousef and as you can imagine we rocked the place... the night is still going to this day".

Having spent 2 summers based in Ibiza Jamie's profile status is rapidly growing. With a residency at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, frequent gigs at Pikes Hotel for the invite only Idris Elba shows, Sankeys Ibiza and the San Antonio event Departure frequently being logged in the diary its safe to say that his name is becoming increasingly recognised by island goers alike. To help wrap up 2014 Jamie is in the final stages of completing a 3 track EP for SKREAM'S new imprint. Release date soon to be announced!

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