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Album of the week: Prosumer 'Fabric 79'

Twenty-four engaging records laced with Prosumer’s familiar techno sci-fi twist.

Artist: Various (compiled and mixed by Prosumer)
Album: Fabric 79
Label: Fabric
Released: 08/12/14

Prosumer's work is a prime example of true hand craftsmanship, his passion for house music further expressed by the depths of his collection. The influential producer and DJ has newly collaborated with Murat Tepeli in launching the music label Potion this year, with charted releases including P.S.A (Play Stop Acid), a track which contributes to the captivating album, Fabric 79. A diverse scope of satisfying house beats are dispered throughout the tracklist; twenty-four engaging records from start to finish, with Prosumer's often recognised techno sci-fi twist.

Opening with the up-tempo feel good beats of George Acosta's Time and Chez Damier's Untitled B2 kick starts the album with the perfect dynamics. A distinct selection of tracks embracing old school classics such as I Believe by A Black Man, A Black Man and Another Black Man offering deep vocals and a subtle bass line; Prosumer certainly utilises the upbeat percussion with alternating synths to develop a solid climax.

Such a contrast of melodies blended ensures Fabric 79 carries the listener on an unusual, yet contemporary journey. Including Signs of Inertia by Titonton which has a slightly more sporadic sound scape with disjointed layers of mellow synths and soft percussion, complimented by a flare of funk. The vocal collaborations throughout undoubtedly enhance the listening experience, and a personal favourite of mine is The Steoples. After reaching the climax of the continuous mix, the sensual vocals and easing energy radiate countless chilled vibes.

Prosumer's Fabric 79 encourages a range of moods with numerous elements, atmospheres and textures to gain maximum impact. A stimulating compilation with many go-to club tracks, making this the perfect set for any music enthusiast to add to the collection, testing the boundaries of genres and exploring a spectrum of sounds.


01. George Acosta & Erick Paredes - Time
02. Chez Damier - Untitled B2
03. A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man - I Believe
04. The Traxxmen - Emergency (Original 9-1-1 Mixx)
05. Wilma - Fabio
06. Titonton - Signs Of Inertia
07. Earth People - Dance
08. Linkwood - Expressions
09. Kaptein Kaliber - Oh Ah Ah
10. The Knife - Ready To Lose (Tarantism Remix)
11. I-F - The Search
12. Shinoby - There R No Rules Fear Is Unknown & Sleep Is Out Of Question
13. Doms & Deykers - Fonts For The People
14. Domu - Something Borrowed
15. Crowdpleaser - Silberpfeil
16. The Jass Man - Jass Yo Azz Off (Mike's Mello Groove Mixx)
17. The New World Order - The Warehouse DJ
18. Murat Tepeli - P.S.A. (Play, Stop, Acid)
19. Vice - Ritual
20. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Rap Beef
21. The Steoples - Nature Of The Soul
22. Tuff City Kids - Carden Eden
23. Axel Boman - Fantastic Piano
24. Tommy McGee & E.R.A. - She's Got Her E.R.A.

WORDS | Erin McDermott

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