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Ibiza Soundtrack: 2014 season

Come for the sun, stay for the music. The 10 biggest tracks of our season.

Thousands of quality (and occasionally not so quality) tunes pass through the myriad of speakers in Ibiza's superclubs every summer and it's our job to keep an ear out for the real pearlers. This is by no means a comprehensive list; Ibiza diversifies every year and the range in style of popular tracks grows in tandem, but some tracks - due to both unparalleled airtime and awesomeness - rise above the rest. In no particular order, here are ten tunes that were hugely popular this season in the audio realms of house and techno that the Spotlight clubbing team frequents...

1. Ten Walls

'Walking With Elephants'

The most aptly titled of the bunch, with its laboured, elaphantine bass line, Walking With Elephants exploded at the opening parties and managed to hold its sway until closings. DJs played it everywhere in Ibiza and - despite a lull in July when everybody needed a break from the familiar plodding advance - it drew hands in the air reactions every single time. Ten Walls needed a follow up hit to last year's Gotham and they've proven themselves with this.

2. Moderat

'Bad Kingdom' (Koze remix)

We've heard Bad Kingdom all over the island this season, but nowhere more often than at Cocoon. This was one of Sven Väth's favourite weapons, deployed to great effect at the closing party! There are several strong remixes about, Marcel Dettman's take a particularly popular one but, in Ibiza, it's the Koze touch that stuck. For me it's the simple trick of a held back drop at the start of the chorus that gives this track its next-level punch. Aaahh the boundless power of syncopation.

3. Oliver Dollar and Jimi Jules

'Pushing On'

Not a season goes by without a Defected release dominating clubland airwaves and 2014 was no different. With its catchy vocals and up-beat piano refrain, Pushing On not only set the tone for the Ibiza house circuit and became the unofficial BOOOM anthem, but it also pushed the blossoming career of Oliver $ to the next level.

4. Sailor and I

'Turn Around' (Ame remix)

Turn Around's moment was in the first half of the season, when a protracted release date had DJs practically drooling to get their paws on the remix, which was echoing across Innervisions dance floors island-wide. It's respectfully similar to the original with modest club-friendly updates - a pin-up track for Ibiza's obsession with vocals this year and a great opportunity to close your eyes and have a 'moment'.

5. Patrick Topping


This one really lasted the distance. Already a big thing in June earning itself the 'most shazamed track in Ibiza' title, the hype around Patrick Topping and his creation only snowballed, so that not only was this track plugged at openings, but received even more play by the time closings rolled over - no small feat. Patrick Topping was suddenly plastered across the Internet in interviews, top track listicles and gig announcements, another example of the incredible power of production to boost a contemporary DJ's career.

6. Gus Gus

'Crossfade' (Maceo Plex remix)

Electro stalwart Gus Gus released Crossfade at the start of the year and soon after, as part of a remix package released in April, Maceo Plex took the chorus and built an Ibiza 2014 clubbing friendly track around it. The result is a dark, powerful tune with lyrics that will get stuck in your head for, say, A SEASON. One of many, many Maceo Plex tracks which dominated the season.

7. Dan Croll

'From Nowhere' (Ame remix)

We got to experience the original of this tune play out live at Ibiza Rocks closing, as Dan Croll played support for Bombay Bicycle Club. Both versions are lovely, but unfortunately word on the street is Croll and his label weren't fans of the remix and as a result it remains unreleased. It's a testament to the pervasive influence of Ame in Ibiza the last few years that an unreleased song makes a list such as this.

8. David August


Ahhh, the 'epic' one - every season needs a few of these. A long and emotional journey brought to you by David August and Innervisions, Epikur was popular even before the openings. Though it never reached the frequency of play of some others on this list, it remained a go-to track for those in-the-know techno DJs looking to create a memorable dance floor moment.

9. Floorplan (AKA Robert Hood)

'Never Grow Old'

This one gained momentum in the later part of the Ibiza season, escalating in popularity to the point that during closings it was common not merely to hear it at every closing bash - but often twice in one night! A huge part of its appeal is its retro sound - everybody loves an old school house classic and who could forget that wild vocal which, when it climaxes at a long, held high note, never fails to send a dance floor loopy.

10. Maceo Plex

'Conjure Balearia'

Everyone likes a bit of symmetry. We first heard Conjure Balearia as an unreleased Maceo original at his set at Amnesia closing last year. It was a special moment: the sun came out and lit up the terrace and everyone got that goofy awestruck smile when you witness something work for the first time, including the tune's author. After a season that saw the track explode in popularity on the island, Maceo Plex played it once more at Amnesia closing 2014, and this time - joyous recognition.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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