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Review: Air Zone Ibiza

Roll up, roll up Ibiza roll right down the hill

Harnessed in to the clear, inflatable ball, I momentarily questioned what I was doing. But as the ground beneath me gave way, the excitement kicked in and the giant orb bounded down the hill to the cheering and applauding crowd below (okay, by crowd I mean three other members of the Ibiza Spotlight team). Admittedly, there was definitely a lot of shrieking on my part as I spun 360 degrees, but as soon as I became stationary, I was ecstatically eager to do it all again. And maybe without my terrified screech.

Zorbing, for those who unfamiliar with the term, is an adrenalin-pumping sport that sees the valiant volunteer strapped in to an enormous, transparent sphere and sent tumbling down a grassy slope. Not everyone's cup of tea maybe and definitely not something to take up after a hearty lunch, this pastime has become increasingly popular internationally and so, of course, it was only a matter of time before the White Isle followed suite. Low and behold, there is plenty of fun to be had with hurling yourself down an incline!

This unique and exhilarating activity is not solely a game with heights. If altitude makes you feel queasy then Ibiza Air Zone offer plenty of other fun, gravity-defying entertainment, whatever age you are.

There's Bumper, otherwise known as Zorb Football, where the player is strapped in to an inflatable cylinder from their waist upwards. I'd love to see Ronaldo score a few goals wearing this attire as the four of us from Ibiza Spotlight only managed to bounce off each other. Better suited for a group with more numbers (or friends), it wasn't long before we gave in with the goals and came up with our own, slightly more immature, game…barging each other to the floor wahaay!

Then there's Anfibios which I can only describe as a hamster wheel on water. The partaker clambers in to an inflatable balloon that is blown up, sealed and pushed in to the pool where it floats around with the holiday-maker inside. This one was actually my favourite of them all; standing was a challenge and running while horizontal...? Well, I dare you to try it.

If you are looking for something more thrilling, daring and adventurous, however, I've saved the best until last. Step up the Hydro-Zorb, also known as the Vortex. At the peak of that same fateful hill I'd bowled down moments before, my fellow brave intern and I braced ourselves for the Hydro-Zorb and we were requested to shower. “Do we smell?” I joked with the Orb Owner. “No, no, it's to help you slide around while you are in the ball.” At that moment, it dawned on us that this particular sphere was harness-free but, armed with the Go-Pro three inches away from my face and my steel pride, I decided it was way too late to back out. Water was swirled in to the translucent globe as we both climbed in and splashed around like gawky mermaids. “Ready?” Orb Owner asked before thrusting us down the grassy slope in our round vessel. Tossing and tumbling over each other until we reached the ground, we were arms and legs everywhere. But, just like the Zorb before, it was surprisingly fun and very comical.

Open 11am-11pm Ibiza Air Zone is the perfect alternative if you want a break from sunbathing (or lounging around your apartment hung-over). The deal they have at the moment includes access to all the rides for two hours where you can lend a Go-Pro, strap it to your head and they make a DVD for you. If you need a bit of Dutch courage, that price also covers two drinks and a shot so there's not really any excuse to be the friend to stand by the side-lines. Although it was daunting at first, I can vouch for the fact it's definitely worth it.

Note: no Ibiza Spotlight members were harmed in the making of this review.

WORDS | Francesca Evans

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