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Review: Disclosure at We Love... Space, 22nd June

Wild sounds from Disclosure in a heaving Space Ibiza discoteca!

Unless you have spent the last year in solitary confinement, there is no hiding from the now household name Disclosure. The English duo have taken their stage act on a worldwide tour headlining festivals, playing 5 sold out shows in Manhattan and even making an appearance in my moms CD player on her way to work. Last night's We Love party at Space was the first of four very special Sunday nights this season hosted by Disclosure. The party ‘Wild Life' brings Space back down to earth by transforming the club into a jungle, giving audiences wild sounds from live vocals, percussion and synthesizers.

Arriving just after two, the place was packed. An interesting look for Space, the crowd was a mix of bro tanks, dress shoes and women who looked like they just left a scrapbooking class at Joann Fabrics - Wild. The herd filled the main room standing shoulder-to-shoulder, staring and patiently awaiting the much anticipated Disclosure to hit the stage. Opening with F For You, the pack of animals roared as a sea of phone screens began to light them up. House groover When A Fire Starts To Burn features deep organ punch lines which blended smoothly with the lyrical track Boiling featuring Sinead Harnett. As light hit the stage I began to notice the jungle it had been turned into: leaves covered the brothers' decks which stood opposite from each other and were filled with a variety of electronic instruments. Techno propelling bass filled the air as Stimulation (a personal favourite track) played, the drum kit was broken out for the live version hitting those acid-house hi-hats giving it a powerful sound.

The surprise of the evening was a guest appearance from singer Eliza Doolittle who is featured on the wildly popular track You & Me. This was definitely my favourite moment of the night, the trio captured all elements of a dance music live set by incorporating their impressive collection of synth hardware with live vocals, creating a unique moment in Space. The animals were still going absolutely wild - crawling on top of each other's shoulders while lion-sized men stood near the front scoping out prey; I felt like I was in a musical scene from the Jungle Book. Rounding off the night with Help Me Lose My Mind featuring London Grammar and the infamous Latch made the room buzz as everyone sang along perfectly, closing the show powerfully (I on the other hand took this opportunity to display my mumbling skills, because not knowing these two was clearly not an option). Quarter to four, and sketches of the Disclosure two lingered on the screens as the herds dispersed into the other rooms bouncing with sweaty energy.

There is no denying the unbelievable talent these two have. The use of instruments during their live show really captivates the audience and is a unique experience for clubbers at Space. As their following continues to grow over the summer months, I can only imagine their ‘Wild Life' take-overs at Space will continue to grow in size and become one of the most popular Sundays at Space this season.

WORDS | Sara McNutt PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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