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Review: Destino opening party, 2014

My first 'pinch me, is this real' moment in Ibiza...

Back-to-back pool parties filled my schedule this week - hard life over here as an intern- with the much anticipated Destino opening party with Luciano & Friends to round it off. Locked away atop the cliffs of Cap Martinet, Destino resort (owned by Pacha) is my definition of posh.

Arriving half past eight, I was excited to catch another iconic Ibiza sunset outside of the madness in San Antonio. Luciano was spinning and the crowd patiently waiting outside was already responding to him. Girls in maxi dresses and wedges- thank god I decided to class up my usual pool attire- swayed as their beautiful long extensions flowed by their sides. Entering I was completely mesmerized by the glamour of the venue. The swimming pool is the jewel of the property, surrounded by palm trees and wooden canopies entrapping luscious white beds are a wonderful place for guests to relax. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Formentera are a spectacular backdrop for the chic poolside party and the sunset... well I think it might have been the best I've seen on the island thus far.

The contemporary dance floor resembled an amphitheatre- a wooden structure with sheer white awning enclosed the stage- making Luciano's smooth techno echo beautifully. The DJ booth was ground level having Luciano's presence feel much more personal as he moved along to the beat while clapping his hands. Techno rolled in as he seamlessly blended percussive elements giving it a rich melodic tone. The incorporation of live instrument samples was something I had yet to hear on the island, the latin influence was very apparent as I could hear bongo drums and calves being used. Luciano's excitement for the night was magnetic, VIPers did the unthinkable by dispersing onto the dance floor and I even spotted Mr. Marco Carola himself taking an evening off to boogie with us. A brilliant moment was his effortless blend of Taras Van De Voorde's hit 1998, which features a more tribal tech house sound. Half past ten a persuasion filled build-up brought my favourite moment of the night- my first dance floor sit down! Checking that off my bucket list brought me much more happiness then my photo with the legendary santa claus island hippie moments before.

Wrapping his set at half past eleven, the crowd cheered and lingered for a bit before shuffling down to the after party downstairs in Tox. Iban Mendoza was spinning, pushing out a bit more of an aggressive sound. The energy these partygoers carried with them vibed with the local DJ making the dancefloor jam packed within a matter of minutes. Mirrors covered the walls and ceiling of the mini club making me forget all plans I had for that evening and was now blowing off. Techno filled the room and the dancefloor was filled with claps and whistles from the crowd. The only thing dragging me out of the night was a sobering up realisation of ‘wait… where am I...?' reminding me of the adventure I had home. My first time seeing Luciano (I hope by now you have picked up on that vibe) gave me that first pinch me is this real moment in Ibiza. The island feel to his music correlates beautifully with the venue and this is definitely a night I will be making a few more appearances at!

WORDS | Sara McNutt PHOTO | Destino

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