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Top 10 releases: June 2014

This month, we diversify. Keep an open mind.

Dark Sky 'Clear' / Mister Saturday Night Records / 23rd June

This tune comes as part of a mammoth compilation released by New York club night Mister Saturday Night, which features favourites from the back-catalogue and a stack of new releases. London trio Dark Sky have two new releases on this compilation, the dark and beautiful Clear, above, and a more heavy and punchy IYP - which is well worth a listen too. Look out for their album out on Monkeytown this August.

Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons 'Lovers' Eyes' / Crosstown Rebels / 30th June

Damian Lazarus is always one for looking outside the box in creating his next project - and outside the dance music box is most certainly where he found collaborators Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Hamza Akram - Pakistan's leading Qawwali singers - to form Ancient Moons. This is a song for the outdoors - stomping your feet in the sand, watching the sun come up over a mountain... you know, wordly stuff.

Pharrell ft Jay Z 'Frontin' (Disclosure remix) / free release imminent

Disclosure put their golden touch on a great pop record (one of their personal favourites) and I can't stop dancing to it. The boys say if they reach a million facebook likes they might release it for free - so get those proverbial internet thumbs up people! Disclosure have well and truly cracked the mainstream so we can expect some more high profile collaborations (not just remixes) soon.

Anja Schneider 'Dubmission' / Mobilee / 30th May (ahh close enough)

Anja Schneider is having an absolutely massive summer so far, appearing on Ibiza bookings all over the Spotlight calendar and getting support from the best names in the business for her releases. This EP's title track Dubmission plunders early influences of Kid Paul that inspired her when she first began going out in Berlin in the 1990s. Brooding techno at its best.

Mohamed Bahi 'Atlast Highland' / Vandit Records / 19th June

I'd say a lot of people moodily grooving to Anja Schneider above would turn up their nose at a bit of nice old fashioned, hands in the air, close-your-eyes-and-cry-for-joy-trance. But, as Kim Jong-il would say, OPEN YOUR FREAKING EARS! It's gorgeous! Trance is making a come-back in Ibiza and Mohamed Bahi has tapped into the emotional chords and swirling textures that tend to pull in even the sceptics.

Sterac 'In Circles' / Klockworks / 23rd June

This is the third (and best) track on Ben Klock's label Klockwork's 12th release. Warm, analogue synths skip lightly up and down the scale and drag the listener into a dark, sci-fi world. Sterac is an alias of the Dutch techno legend Steve Rachmad, who has created an EP for Klockworks which shows elements of his different styles of production over the last 20 years.

Greg Wilson 'Summer Came My Way' / Schooled in the Classics / 23rd June

Could there possibly be a better name for a musical project from Greg Wilson than Schooled in the Classic? The man has made a name for himself by tirelessly plundering for gems amidst the rich pickings of 70s and 80s disco, funk, house and the best of each genre that's come out ever since to colour his DJ sets. It's great to get an original from him, which is a sunny, laid back session with old school backing vocals and dreamy electric guitar swirls.

&Me 'After Dark' / Keinemusik / 20th June

Less is more with this low key brooding techno number from German producer &Me, which has received strong support from fellow Keinemusik artist Adam Port. A dark bass synth sweeps across the bottom end of the track whilst a mournful vocal slides in and out of hearing. Best enjoyed as a moment for reflection amidst a techno onslaught.

Nao vs A.K. Paul 'So Good' / XL / 20th June

While everyone's waiting for new Jai Paul, his brother A.K. Paul has teamed up with London singer Nao to make this pleasant ditty for realease on Jai Paul's label XL. It's an edgy track which somehow manages to weave its many staccato elements into a smooth whole. It's a lovely track which may keeps the baying hounds (fans) at bay whilst we wait for the album.

Bob Moses 'Grace' / Domino Records / 16th June

It's been a fast-moving year for Bob Moses. Spotlight featured an EP of the duo in last summer's new releases when they were relatively unknown in Ibiza - fast forward a year and the Canadian duo have earned their place on the bill for IMS Dalt Vila parties, and are playing on the top of a medieval fort with the sun setting behind them and the Mediterranean in front. A great live act that has found itself welcomed into the middle of the dance music scene.

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