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Ibiza Soundtrack: 2013 Season

In the end, it's all about the music.

We give you ten of the biggest tracks of the summer, creating musical orgasms island-wide. If these temazos aren't enough for you, check out all forty of Spotlight's tunes from Ibiza 2013 across the June, July, August and September lists.

In no particular order, feast your ears on these...

1. Breach

'Let's Jack'

This bouncing banger dominated the first half of the season, the dirtybird release cropping up frequently at IMS and opening parties, beach bars aplenty, workers bars, house residencies like dirtybird at Sankeys and even as techno set curveballs at Space. An irresistably groovy swinging bassline makes up for uninspired vocals (I think it's time House music moved on from 'Jack') and the clip indulges in furry fetishes to the point of awkwardness, it's great.

2. Ten Walls


This Innervisions release seemed to come from nowhere, and yet was rapidly picked up by all and sundry to become one of the most played tunes of the entire season. From the dark caverns of Space and Amnesia to the starlit open air of Destino or Ushuaïa Tower, the staccato intervals of Gotham were recognised everywhere, the track still going strong in October.

3. Ninetoes


Already a popular tune at opening parties, this festive number was still raising arms at the closings and is one of the defining tunes of the summer. The inescapable steel drum riff has a distinctly 'holiday' buzz to it, which is probably why it struck a chord with so many, rinsed by countless DJs from Ushuaïa to DC-10, with Carl Cox probably responsible for at least half of its total plays in 2013!

4. Kölsch


Kölsch's 2013 album 1977 was a golden gift to dance floors with Goldfisch one of many fine emotive techno tracks, all inspired by his childhood. This had its day in the earlier half of the season, often used as an after party winner, or as a final track by quality compilers such as Maceo Plex and Laurent Garnier. Now that's a stamp of approval! We interviewed Kölsch outside Mambo in July.

5. Green Velvet

'Bigger than Prince'

It's funny 'cause Prince is so little, haha. Some fools didn't quite get the lyrics, but nearly everybody loves the bass line - it's just such a good strutting song! Bigger than Prince was released on Circus Recordings along with remixes from Martinez Brothers and Hot Since 82, both of which were given as much play as the original. Green Velvet has a place in all our rave hearts thanks to his early wacky productions, so it's nice to see his name at the top of charts once more.

6. Agoria


Ibiza needs its melodic journey tracks as much as it needs its peak time bangers and this tuneful techno voyage is one of the best. Surfacing comparatively late in the season, it became one of the most beautiful tunes of closings and has left us all with a nice end of season echo in our tired ears, given extra play by Adriatique at Sankeys and by Sven Väth pretty much wherever he went. Check out our in-depth interview with Agoria here.

7. Storm Queen

'Look Right Through' (MK mix)

Here's one which absolutely blew up over the west side of the island and was possibly one of the most played track in the worker's community by mid season. An exemplary Defected release of catchy, polished house music, modernised and popularised by MK, who enjoyed a sudden boost in recognition on the island thanks to this track which, believe us, you will never get out of your head. Ever.

8. Hobo


The M-nus presence on the island is strong and growing stronger, so a release from this label just had to make the cut. An evil synth arpeggiator swells in and out of this savage techno hit, making it most at home in the darkest, dirtiest corners of the island, but played everywhere from Space Discoteca, to Sankeys LAB to poolside at Destino. On a side note, it shares its defining sound with another track, by Daphni. If you like Incise, you'll love Ye Ye.

9. Tale of Us

'Another Earth'

This. Is. So. Epic! Tale of Us are masters of the monster productions and this atmospheric offering has quickly snowballed into a shiver-inducing dancefloor hit. Getting love from many of the biggest names in the business like Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Sven Väth and Maceo Plex, Another Earth has spun clubbers into alternate universes at DC-10, Space and Amnesia... and beyond.

10. Dominik Eulberg

'Opel Tantra'

A Cocoon classic and one of Spotlight's ultimate tracks of the summer, Opel Tantra brings smiles to a dark techno floor and is a guaranteed energy lift. Heard at Space, Amnesia and Destino (usually by the hand of Papa Sven), this Eulberg track seems to really hit a positive nerve with those who come across it. Amidst many German observations, one YouTuber wrote "Fooking goosebumps... love this track so much :)" and another wrote "God-like" ... which is pretty much conclusive and not remotely exaggerated, thank you YouTube.

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