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Photo Review: Foam & Diamonds ft Paris Hilton + La Troya, 7th August 2013

Paris Hilton and Boy George hosting a room each at Amnesia. Well I never thought I'd say that.

Perhaps one of the most controversial residencies the island has ever seen... certainly for this year at least. The comments on this photo album on Facebook say it all, many of the supposed hardcore island lovers can't see the different sides to the island's music scene. Our opinion? Quite simply, don't go if you don't like it, certainly don't waste your time moaning about it on Facebook as there are many, many other quality parties every day on the island to serve every other taste in music.

Paris Hilton embarked upon a 4 week residency at Amnesia's famous Espuma foam party, running every Wednesday from the 12th June til' the 25th September, with one of the islands most famous gay-friendly and uber flamboyant parties - La Troya - hosting the terrace, with Boy George headlining.

This was an experience, we'll say that much.

For the full photo review and enjoyment of the comments, head over to our Facebook fan page.

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