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Album of the Week: John Digweed 'Live in Slovenia'

Peak time moments...straight from the source.

Album: Live in Slovenia
Artist: John Digweed
Label: Bedrock
Release Date: 27/05/2013

It's been far too long since we featured a live mix in our album series, but they are strange beasts, after all. Do I feel as though I'm there? Am I disappointed I'm not there? Do I want to go buy a ticket to the next gig? Am I content to play this sitting down in my living room? I never know quite how I feel about them. One thing I do know is listening to Live in Slovenia is a banger way to spend five hours and no, you simply cannot play it sitting down in your living room. At the very least you'll need to be hopping around the room and ‘strobifying' your light switch.

Recorded on March 30th at Ambasada Gaviola in Izola, the latest in the ‘Live in…' series is definitely my preferred release. A very fresh and relevant selection of artists across the house and techno field is included like George Fitzgerald, Josh Wink, Booka Shade, Coyu, Len Faki and Monika Kruse, to name some favourites. More so than in his previous ‘Live in…' mixes, in Slovenia Digweed gives his audience a sound thrashing, absolutely hammering it home in CD 2 especially, with monsters like the Chemical Brother's Remix of Boys Noize's ‘XTC.'

What works about this series is its spontaneity. As Digweed explains in his mini interview below, the ‘Live in...' series is never pre-planned, so it's a completely natural moment that is recorded and only the best sets are released. If you weren't in Slovenia at the right place and the right time this March, you're going to want to get your hands on this double disc pack. If you were there, here is an opportunity to relive the madness in a way your iphone recordings just cannot compete with.

Read what John Digweed had to say about the set below.

Can you describe the setting for this gig? What kind of location was it, what could you see from the booth?

"Ambasada Gavioli is a big club that attracts a very strong music minded crowd that like to really let their hair down. It`s the second time playing there and this was a very special gig, The DJ booth looks out over the whole club and the sound system is really pumping."

Can you remember any particular highlights or special moments in this set?

"It was pissing down and there was a weather warning for the night, A lot of people had travelled a long way to get to the party so you could tell that they really wanted to have a good time and the energy was already great when i entered the room. Everything just seemed to come together really well with the set. I just seemed to get locked into a groove and the crowd went with it."

Alternatively, any hiccups?

"No everything went really well and it was a great night thats why I choose to release it."

Did you plan in advance to release this set as an album and, if so, does that affect how you play?

"I had no advance plans to release this as a live album just like the last 2 live albums, so that's why I think this series works so well as it`s not pre planned or staged it a natural set from me that gets released on it`s own merits."

Pretty please will you do a back-to-back set with Sasha in Ibiza this summer?

"Nothing like that is planned this summer as my schedule is fully booked with my Pacha residency."

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