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Round the Island Two Day Charity Cycle Challenge

For the second year running, the Ibiza Preservation Fund and GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital)work together to offer a spectacular Ibiza Charity Cycle Challenge.

In February 2012 an announcement was made that garnered considerable attention across the World.

The oldest living creature had been discovered. Her name (we'll default to 'her' for a moment) is Posidonia and she's known to be at least 100,000 years old. She lives in many places but one key area for us is that she lives in the Mediterranean - off the coast of Ibiza. In fact, residents and visitors of Ibiza are quite likely to see her frequently.

The Posidonia is a seaweed and has been described as the 'foundation of all key coastal eco-systems' in areas where she is found.

The shocker is that the Posidonia is dying, at the frightening rate of 5% annually. After surviving for so long it is thought the Posidonia can no-longer cope or counter the unprecedented rate of change in her environment (think pollution, global climate adjustment etc)

One of the strongest groups committed to help save the Posidonia is the Ibiza Preservation Fund.

For complete contrast, from the oldest living being known to man we now turn our attention to children.

Great Ormond Street Hospital and its charity arm are known throughout the World for being a leading institute of excellence in child health.

One might ask how the two subjects are related...

For the second year running, the Ibiza Preservation Fund and Great Ormond Street Hospital are teaming up to offer a spectacular charity challenge. Working together to offer a superb experience, the two charities have organised the Ibiza 2013 Round the Island Cycling Challenge.

The event includes two full days of cycling, with two different routes, 50km / 90km (allowing for those of all cycling abilities to take part comfortably)
This author has seen the route plans and is pleased to confirm they will be well worth the commitment! The route is beautiful, taking in the full diversity and beauty of Ibiza, from her rolling hills, deep valleys and stunning beaches.

Those riding for the Ibiza Preservation Fund will be raising money for causes such as protecting the aforementioned Posidonia and the charity is hoping to raise over 20,000 euros from the event.

As this article goes live, the Ibiza Preservation Fund has just announced that registration is half full.

Ibiza 2013 Round the Island Cycling Challenge: 3rd-6th May
Registration Fee: £75 / 90 euros
Fundraising Pledge: £1200 / 1450 euros

Last year, the event included paella lunches on the beach and dancing at Pacha, with over 100 cyclists taking part.

For more information about the work undertaken by the Ibiza Preservation Fund, please visit their website - Ibiza Preservation Fund.
For more information about the work undertaken by the Great Ormond Street Hospital, please click the link - Great Ormond Street Hospital

If you're a fan of Mountain Biking but can't take part in the above, we invite you to check out Ibiza Sport Mountain Biking Tours

Thank you to Ibiza Preservation Fund for the Image

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