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Phil Vickery gets involved with Ibiza Rugby 10's

Former England player and Captain of Englands Rugby Squad, Phil Vickery, gets involved with Ibiza Rugby Ten's

Phil Vickery (nicknamed ‘Raging Bull') is a former prolific player of the England's Rugby Squad. In fact to play fair, he was part of the 2003 England Team, winners of the World Cup and Captain of England Rugby Team in the 2007 tournament. A man of many talents, non-rugby fans may know him for winning Celebrity MasterChef in 2011!

Behind this very public presence is also a sound business head – and an eye for style too – as Phil Vickery created fashion label ‘Raging Bull' and it has been received with great acclaim. House of Fraser has picked it up and somewhere along the lines in the fashion world it has been described as the ‘new Abercrombie and Fitch', attracting not just the attention of the public but several celebrities as well.

So, the question would be – what on earth does this have to do with Ibiza?

Raging Bull are creating the full playing kit for the Ibiza Rugby 10's – and rumour has it, also bringing out some shirts for time off the pitch.

This ties in particularly well for those taking full advantage of RugbySpy's latest news that anyone with an event ticket also gets free entry in Super Club, Space on the evening 08th June, right after the tournament…

If you'd like more information, pop straight across to RugbySpy and grab yourself and friends a ticket!

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