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Ibiza's 3 Day Medieval Festival

The three day Medieval Festival, commencing 10th May 2013, is an annual event attracting an international audience - with good reason. Definitely one not to miss!


One of the most popular and colourful events of the year will soon be upon us, with 10th May 2013 marking the beginning of the three-day Medieval Festival in Dalt Vila, Ibiza.

The Medieval Festival is a celebration of Ibiza being granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1999 in recognition of the island's special cultural significance to the common heritage of humanity, and in honour of its long and well-preserved history.

Originally known as Ebysos, which translates as the Town of Bes (Bes is the Phonoecian God of dance, accredited with leading all of the poisonous animals off Ibiza), Dalt Vila was founded by the Carthaginians in 654 BC and became the nub of Mediterranean navigation due to the maritime commerce of the Carthaginian Empire.

The fortified walls were built to protect Ibiza from the Romans and the Greeks, and these walls still contain the imprints of its history right from the earliest settlers through to the Renaissance Age due to the fact that, rather than destroying the earlier fortifications, these were actually incorporated into the newer architecture.

No surprise then that UNESCO classifies Dalt Vila the best preserved coastal fortification in the Mediterranean area…and definitely cause for an annual festival!

The Council makes a special effort to ensure that the medieval theme is as genuine as possible. The narrow, cobbled streets of Dalt Vila are packed with decorated market stalls selling exotic spices, soaps, leather goods, jewellery, perfume and candied fruits to name just a few of their wares.

Craftsmen and artists show off their skills while jugglers, jesters and puppeteers entertain the children. Theatrical performances abound, and you can watch acrobats as well as traditional displays by the likes of falconers, flag bearers, crossbowmen and snake charmers. Knights, princesses and noblemen stroll around the streets in all their finery, and live music, typical food and Persian tea all add to the Medieval festival atmosphere.

On top of all of this, for the duration of the Medieval Festival, you can also enjoy free access to Dalt Vila's many galleries and museums.

It is a spectacular three-day event, a true journey back in time which can be enjoyed by all ages and is completely free of charge.

Festival Programme (PDF - Spanish / Catalan) can be found here - Medieval Festival 2013

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