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Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas

Brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli are about to embark on a special eight-chapter journey at Amnesia.

Separated by a twelve-year age difference, it's not immediately obvious that Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, the DJ duo Mathame, are brothers. Matteo, the eldest, has bleached blonde hair and is more reflective, while younger Amedeo is stockier and more gung ho.

We meet them at the beautiful Ibizan restaurant Las Dos Lunas. Two moons for two brothers. That's not the only reason for meeting here.

The brothers often speak of being inspired by nature and their environment. After growing up in northern Italy near Bergamo, the family moved to a forest at the foot of Mount Etna on Sicily. Amongst other locations, they cite this place as a source of creativity.

Las Dos Lunas by Peter Young

With its flourishes of bougainvillea and kaleidoscopic decor, there are few prettier locations than Las Dos Lunas. On 7 June, the brothers embark on an eight-chapter journey at Amnesia. It's no coincidence that it's just a little further down the road from where we currently sit.

Provocatively titled Mathame present NEO, the residency within a residency is part of the wider pan-continental Horizon presents series. Later this year, the project from Amnesia's owners NightEvolution travels to its Dubai-based club Soho Garden for winter.

That's the future. But now, in the present, it all starts at Amnesia.

Still shrouded in a lot of mystery, NEO will be the focus of our conversation. Although curious to find out more about the party, we also wanted to delve into the duo's history and ask exactly what made them click. Could we do so without spoiling the surprises in store?

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

Without saying too much, tell us about the concept behind Mathame present NEO. This is an extension of your existing A/V show, is that right?

We wanted to change the outlook of our performance from only having 3D and AI-generated visuals, to  something real and tangible, as you will see. The aesthetic is inspired by Animé but also from religious and spiritual rituals.

All of this mixed with some Sci-Fi and a touch of Swiss special effect designer H. R. Giger. We searched relentlessly for days on end to find the perfect imagery. In the end, we commissioned a structure that is four and half metres tall and over 500 kg in weight.

The construction team at Amnesia completely lost their mind with it. They say it is the best thing they have ever designed for a party concept. We’ve had very good feedback from the workers of the club who have had a sneak preview."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

"Exactly what that entails, you will have to wait to see. You may have seen some things already, but, trust us, there's still lots more to be unveiled.

As for our set-up, our DJ sets are hybrid live. One of us is doing traditional mixing and the other is remixing tracks on the fly and adding new and improvised sounds into the mix.

We create mash-ups, so when we play, we create something new and unique. That means we try to follow the feeling of the moment. We listen to the mood of the crowd. We don't care so much about the formality of the mixing.

We are not looking for the perfect mix. We want to be influenced by the moment."

Each date at NEO will be called a different chapter. Can you tell us more about that? The one name in particular that stands out is Severity.

"Yes, even austerity and Severity are part of this party, because they form part of the human condition and the spiritual rituals in which this residency places itself."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

"Each week will be something different, conveying different emotions associated with each chapter. Every Friday, the crowd experience a different interpretation.

How these messages are put across is subtle and it will be down to those present to unravel the mystery. There is a secret key to solve the riddle. The key word is syncretism.”

NEO is part of the wider Horizon presents project, which later this year will also travel to NightEvolution's Dubai club Soho Garden. How does NEO fit in?

"It's only thanks to our partners at Horizon that allowed us to create NEO. We've had lots of support from them and from Amnesia.

The idea is to bring something new to the island and eventually around the world. We want to create something that goes beyond the current trend, transcending what is hip, to become a classic through the generations.

In some ways, this residency is a last-minute project - we only had two months to organise everything and to build the production."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

Throughout the programme you have guests that range from Âme (live) and Mind Against, to Anfisa Letyago and Overmono. How did you go about selecting the artists you’ve invited to join you across the eight dates?

"We wanted to have an eclectic line-up that is transversal and covers various genres. Amnesia has the same philosophy. It is a wild club, a pioneer of the island and is not afraid to take risks. We’ve chosen artists that resonate with us and vice-versa."

The opening party is a collaboration between NEO and Amelie Lens presents EXHALE. How do you see both rooms complementing each other?

"It was Amnesia's idea to combine the parties and we enthusiastically accepted."

Amnesia Ibiza

"Not many people know that Amelie Lens' first proper release was a remix of one of our tracks. We've been friends since and are very happy to share this special night with her. Plus, we love harder Techno. Even in subsequent weeks, we are going to have some Techno on the Terraza."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

What are your influences?

"Musically, French Touch: Daft Punk and Gesffelstein, and also the Italian Progressive Techno of the '90s - names like Mauro Picotto and Franchino. But places also inspire us.

When we travel, we always find inspiration for new ideas wherever we go. Visiting somewhere new always gives us a new lease of creativity.

For example, we put down some ideas and later we try them in the club and see what was good and what we might need to look at again. The place that inspires us the most at the moment is Los Angeles, but Ibiza is a great inspiration to us too."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

Heading into this new project, are there any nerves?

"This industry can smash you, but we are fighters, we know how to fight. We consider ourselves pirates - we love that analogy! We came from nothing and paid our dues. We always put one hundred per cent into our vision without compromise.

The industry now lives on the 'mythology of the chronicles' - everything is streamed all the time on social media, everything is documented on the internet. Everything is reported. There are no secrets.

Instead of having this continuous presence and always releasing new material all the time, we want to create something of substance that can stand the test of time."

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

"We think that the people that come will talk about what they see on Friday on Amnesia and convince other people to check it out.

From when we were very little, our mother, Cit Angela, has had a saying, 'The dream of life, the life of a dream'. That feels increasingly poignant. From Mount Etna to the world."

Las Dos Lunas

For more information and to make table reservations at Las Dos Lunas, please visit this page.

Mathame present NEO opens tonight, 7 June, at Amnesia with Amelie Lens presents EXHALE next door in the Main Room. Mathame are joined on the Terraza by Anfisa Letyago, Lyke and Laherte for the first chapter called Foundation.

Meeting Mathame at the beautiful Ibizan spot Las Dos Lunas by La Skimal

This is followed by seven further chapters: Glory, Victory, Beauty, Severity, Mercy, Understanding and Wisdom.

Part one of the residency continues until 7 July, before a mid-season pause for Metamorfosi, restarting on 13 September for the final three instalments. You can find tickets to all eight parties below.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by La Skimal

Mathame present NEO listings - 2024




EXHALE & Mathame present NEO Opening Party

Terraza | Mathame present NEO
Main Room | EXHALE

Mathame present NEO | Glory


Mathame present NEO | Victory


Mathame present NEO | Beauty


Mathame present NEO | Severity


Mathame present NEO | Mercy


Mathame present NEO | Understanding


Mathame present NEO Closing Party | Wisdom

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