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Paul van Dyk's love of music shines through

Fuelled by his core passion, Paul van Dyk leads SHINE into its fifth Ibiza season.

The word legend is often thrown around cheaply. However, I think everyone will agree it's a title deserving of Paul van Dyk.

Helping to pioneer what would become known as the golden era of Trance music, Paul van Dyk's immense productions, and now timeless classics, have ascended him to one of the biggest names in electronic music.

Ahead of SHINE Ibiza's fifth summer residency at Eden, we caught up with Paul at his recent show in Leeds, UK. It was at this backstage catch-up that it became glaringly obvious that no amount of industry accolade or legendary status can outshine Paul van Dyk's love for music.

Backstage with Paul van Dyk

Hey Paul, thanks for chatting with us. We're currently sitting backstage at The Warehouse in Leeds with Digital Society ahead of your For The Record show tonight. How are you feeling?

“Well, I'm feeling really good. I'm still in the process of waking up as usually I have a little, what they call, disco nap.

I'm looking forward to tonight. It's always great to be in Leeds and to play for Digital Society. In terms of what's in store, it's a journey of what I think electronic music should sound like and I'm looking forward to taking you all with me."

SHINE Ibiza returns for its fifth year on the White Isle. 11 huge parties with a stacked programme of guests on the line-up at Eden.

In your opinion, what does SHINE stand for?

“I think the main attraction to SHINE is that the focus is fully on our audience. It's on the people who come and want to create this special atmosphere for all of us in the room.

Of course, whoever is playing can dictate the tone of the night through the music, but everyone together makes SHINE.

The fact that it's really a musical journey. From what is probably going to be the next big thing in three, four or five years musically, to what people already know: the Ibiza classics.”

Having made your home at Eden for the last four seasons, what makes the club special in your opinion?

“Well, since they did the big refurbishment a few years back, I think Eden now has the vibe of a pure electronic music warehouse space whilst being a modern super-club at the same time. It really has that feeling of rawness that I love.

But, you know, it's not as smelly as a Berlin underground club!

It's a lot of fun to play there as a DJ, because the room in itself, and the audience there, give back so much energy. It's one of those places where you step in and enjoy it from the first second."

How hands-on are you in building the line-ups? Are there any DJs in particular we should be looking out for on SHINE’s 2024 roster?

"It's a joint effort. I'd be lying if I said I fully dictate it. Nick Ferguson, who lives on the island, manages the day-to-day aspects, and Alexa Gerth works from my office in Berlin. Then, it's me putting on DJs that I would like to see live.

I'm not going to pick any names right now that I'm particularly looking forward to this summer, as I'm looking forward to everyone. They always deliver.

No matter which weekly line-up, I like that you can tell the audience is definitely here for the music and not to be seen for splashy champagne bottle nonsense. It's really about the music."

“And I think the music we curate at SHINE really carries a lot of the original Ibiza vibe. But not in a retro kind of way, more forward-facing. Maybe in terms of what we said about defining what SHINE is, that's a good sentence, it carries the real thing.

It's not just having DJs from the '90s. It's what we think electronic music should be here, now, and in a few years to come."

PvD open to close

You have two all-night-long sets planned this summer. How do you prepare for these sets?

"You can't really prepare for those. Yeah, I have a general idea where I want to go, but everything else is really down to what's happening in the moment.

It's just being there with everyone in the room and feeling the journey. I play what I would like to hear in particular moments. Since I love electronic music to pieces, it's most likely similar to what people want to hear at that point in the set too."

I suppose you can read the energy at Eden quite well with the sunken dancefloor, it can feel intimate despite being colossal at the same time.

“Yeah, I mean, that's a great thing. SHINE isn't about any one person. We're all together creating that special moment."

There's no question that Trance music is deep rooted in Ibiza's music scene. As the scene has evolved, how have you seen Trance's role on Ibiza changing? And where do you see it heading next?

“It's an interpretation of trends. When I started playing, I never really quite understood what's trendy, because if I listened to, as an example, my own music as an artist, I don't think I'm particularly Trance-y in terms of what the common expectations of Trance is.

You hardly get that typical sequence sound from my music. You get the energy, the power and you get the melodic elements, but in a special way.

One of the aspects of programming SHINE is that everyone will come, regardless of what you call it: Progressive or Techno or Trance or whatnot. They all have a unique edge to give to the night and to the journey of electronic music."

"What a lot of people call Techno these days, to me, is very Trance-y. Adam Beyer probably did the best Trance record of 2023 with the track called Legends. It's a pure Trance record to me, but everyone has their own opinion.

Whatever the label, to me, it is about electronic music you can dance to. That's what I do."

Vandit Records reaches quarter of a CENTURY

Huge congratulations are in order as Vandit Records celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and the closing party of SHINE Ibiza on 29 September will honour the label's milestone. How are the celebration plans coming along? 

“Oh, I'm a guest despite the fact that I'm performing, so I'm just looking forward to celebrating it. Like when you're invited to a big birthday party. I'm just as excited. I don't know if there's going to be a balloon, a big cake or something. I have no idea.

I guess whoever wants to see what's happening has to come along!"

Vandit has signed some huge names of the years from Giuseppe Ottaviani to Aly & Fila, and has offered breakout opportunities to upcoming names. What do you look for when you're signing somebody to Vandit?

“Well, first of all, we need to like the music. So that's the main point. It doesn't make any sense to sign a sound we don't believe in.

Because I'm such a, if you want to call it, purist or whatever, to me, I like to feel I like the track. It's the same from established artists to up-and-coming artists. It's all for the music and how it makes you feel. That's the only criteria.

Well, that and obviously we want to work with decent people. We don't tend to work with assholes."

What new music do you have lined up for us?

“Well, Sue McLaren, who is on the track my new track Love Is Enough, is one of the very defined and unique vocalists. We've done a lot of records together. It's a very natural process and I believe her voice has a very instrument-like feel to it. It's always an honour to work with her.

I think Love Is Enough is a sentence in itself that says it all.

When you have someone in your life that makes the sunshine brighter and the rain less noticeable, that's what it's all about."

Ibiza: From then to now

Finally, as someone who has been well-acquainted over the years with Ibiza in all her glory, how have things changed since you first started playing here and how can we keep attracting a healthy flow of new holidaymakers?

“If I could answer that question, I would most likely be hired by the Spanish Minister of Tourism! Honestly, I don't know. I've obviously seen all the changes.

“With SHINE, we're trying to keep the essence of what Ibiza clubbing has been about over all these years. Plus, providing a future outlook of what it can be. That's what we try to bring across with the line-ups.

Every single artist is encouraged to just do what they do best and not to care about what’s trendy.

And Ibiza, it’s just such a beautiful island. You can have some amazing nights out, but there are also beautiful coves and hidden little places where, even though it's high season and there are thousands of people on the island, you can still find a corner where you can just be by yourself."

SHINE returns for 2024 exactly two months from today, guiding Thursday nights at Eden through a sonic expedition. Phase One starts from 4 July until 8 August and phase two from 29 August to 26 September. 

Whether you want to party with SHINE's progressive weekly line-ups, honour 25 years of Vandit or experience an all-nighter with Paul van Dyk himself, tickets for all dates are on sale now.

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