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Pikes announces party news including new Monday nights

Owner Andy McKay revisits his younger self, resurrecting a long forgotten moniker.

Pikes may have been uncharacteristically quiet up until now, but ever the eccentric, it has arrived with lots to say. Namely, there's exciting news regarding the parties happening in Freddies in summer 2024. Lots of familiar names return, but there are some revelations too!

Pikes' favourites Back To Mine, Disco Disco and Flash are all back, the latter of which Guy Williams has announced there will be six instalments of.

Also returning are Ryan O'Gorman's Acid session Vitalik and everybody's number one Disco foursome Melon Bomb. Reppin' the ladies, Santanna Oush's OuShe brings female empowerment, along with Jaguar's Utopia and Stories, the new pop-up from Jag's Radio 1 Dance colleague Sarah Story.

Homies is also back, as is Nightmares On Wax, although not in his usual slot because Mondays are getting a makeover... From 29 April (so starting early in the season) until 19 August, we begin the week with a new party which appears to take inspiration from yesteryear.

As part of the announcement, Pikes owner Andy McKay has resurrected a former moniker... Revisiting his younger self, he will be known henceforth as Andy Manumission once more.

The name is, of course, a direct reference to the infamous MANUMISSION party of the '00s, held at KU and later Privilege. Andy ran the party with his brother Mike, who has most recently used the name. Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza present Mondays is the full name of the party.

Celebrating the first day of the week, instead of dreading it, is a quirk unique to Ibiza. For over three decades, Mondays here have earned the title of the best day of the week to party, live in the moment and go with the flow. MANUMISSION started that trend 30 years ago.

Guests will be asked to leave their inhibitions at the door, with the party encouraging a phone-free dancefloor. There might even be a deterrent installed for flagrant breaches.

Pikes Ibiza by Marc de Groot

All DJs will be unannounced, with loose set times and "equal billing" - none of this "I've got more Tik-Tok followers than her, my name deserves to be in font 1.5X bigger" nonsense.

Since forging ahead with Ibiza Rocks and many other successful projects, Andy has rarely given MANUMISSION a backward glance. Now, after thirty years in the game, he feels the time is right to reflect on his legacy and embrace the hedonism of old.

"Returning to my alter ego has sent memories flooding back. It's great to remember the significance of that MANUMISSION era and I am very excited about kicking back against the DJ worship era and returning to a party where the focus is the people and the dancefloor.

I feel the values of that time are missed, so let's bring them back."

We're very much looking forward to seeing how Mondays at Pikes pan out.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Marc de Groot

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