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Chilling by the pool: Destino Pacha

The perfect day pass to get you in the mood for a night on the dancefloor.

Destino Pacha Resort may be best known for its regular outdoor parties that have seen the likes of Pete Tong, Marco Carola and Solomun, playing to a crowd in the know. However, Destino is much more than just a dance music venue. It is primarily a fantastic 4-star-adults-only hotel resort attracting trendy travellers in search of stylish accommodation and a very cool and catching vibe, as we were about to find out.

We headed here on a Friday afternoon, in a week of unsettled weather, looking forward to some out-time and curious to see how the Pacha lifestyle flows into the pool.

The grand white entrance and foyer impressed us, especially as the sun had come out for us and the sky was dark blue. Whilst being attended by the friendly receptionist, we could already catch a glimpse of the large beach-style pool beyond.

First, we were shown to our single and very comfy sun loungers - you can choose between single, double, and circular sun loungers or Balinese and VIP Balinese beds. Provided with towels, we quickly settled in and leant back to admire the views across the bay of Talamanca, the cruise ship port and Ibiza’s old, fortified town, Dalt Vila in the background.

However, our eyes quickly got distracted by all the beautiful bodies around us and the contagious pre-party atmosphere. Enhanced by all the cherries, we were constantly reminded of where we were: at one of Pacha's flagship hospitality establishments.

We ordered some snacks and drinks from a menu that caters to all tastes, then headed for the main pool which is surrounded by Bali beds and sun loungers. We felt like kids, getting all excited to lie on the leaf-shaped recliners in the water. These are ideal for keeping you cool, sipping your cocktail or immersed in a book, though we just chatted and laughed at ourselves posing on these fairytale-like water beds.

Food and drinks arrived, so back we went to indulge in a delicious, hot dog-style Red Lobster Sandwich. From the sushi menu, we sampled a Red Prawn Dynamite and a Hamachi Roll. All are beautifully presented and prepared to perfection.

We could have eaten in the D-Lounge restaurant which overlooks the pool, but preferred the comfort of our current location.

Greatly satisfied, we set off to get our pics for the article. Meanwhile, the hot spot was in and around the gigantic jacuzzi. The warm water, bubbles and upbeat tracks were enjoyed by a crowd of tattooed and tanned guests, loving the warmth of the sun rays and luxury of the surroundings.

We couldn’t help a little boogie ourselves whilst wandering around. The DJ was putting on one Housey track after another. On occasions, a cool trumpeter gave his unique touch to the beat. Shazaming didn’t work on this occasion…. unfortunately.

Suddenly two dancers appeared. Completely covered in their fabulous costumes, they made their performance and lured us into a world of fantasy repeatedly, reappearing in enchanting new dress-ups.

We concluded that we’d love to get our team together here for an end-to-season party. It’s a true Pacha experience through and through, creating true Ibiza vibes, which the chain is so famous for.

Destino simply ticks all the boxes: great location and views, friendly, attentive service, upbeat music, delicious food and drinks, lots of fun places to hang out and a backdrop to meet new people.

Before we knew it, it was time to head home. Funny how time always flies when you’re having fun.

Lest we forget, there’s a Pacha shop in the foyer with clothes and boots glittering in all colours. So, if you visit Destino, make sure you exit through the gift shop! You might find something unique to get you dressed up for your night out. Next destination: Pacha?

NOTE: Destino Pool rates are dynamic, subject to occupancy and availability, day of the week and time of the year: book in advance to get the best deal and spot. A prepayment to guarantee your reservation is required + minimum spend per person. Pets are not allowed and luggage storage is not available. 

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