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Ibiza Sea Party unveils shiny new 300-person capacity vessel

Boat parties have just been taken to the next level.

Have you noticed how important everything being visually appealing is nowadays? Clubs and their production are getting more elaborate, hotels are getting more polished and even restaurateurs are giving their premises a modern-day glow-up. A lot can be said for making an effort.

Boat parties too are having to step their game up and give themselves a makeover - and the latest to do so is Ibiza Sea Party. Out with the old, in with the new.

The party starters who sail daily from Playa d'en Bossa, have just invested in a brand new, deluxe vessel and it's looking rather swanky.

Take a look at the pics below. Who wouldn't want to party onboard one of these? Sign us up straight away.

Ibiza Sea Party

Just look at all of those VIP beds, on both the top and bottom deck. Each one is ready and waiting to accommodate you and your pals. Even the open-air dancefloor is long and wide enough for all passengers to be up on their feet dancing. It looks like a dream.

Stick it on the calm, blue Mediterranean and you have all the ingredients for a day of high-octane adventure on the waters surrounding Ibiza. Well, almost...

Now all that's needed is to fill this pristine new vessel with crazy partygoers and set sail! Do we have any volunteers? Read our review from our last sailing with Ibiza Sea Party.

Ibiza Sea Party leaves dock every day in September. Head below to find your date and buy your tickets.

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