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All the best bits of a day onboard Ibiza Sea Party

Sights you might see at sea.

Perhaps we're stating the obvious, but Ibiza is not only an island but a party island. That much, you don't need telling. But in case you haven't put two and two together, that also makes it a great place for boat parties.

One of the best ones operating from the east coast party resort of Playa d'en Bossa is Ibiza Sea Party. Keen to find out what it was all about, we slapped on the sun cream and donned our speedos for a day of high revelry on the waves.

Want to know what we discovered? Here are just some of the sights you might see at sea. Phew! That's a lot of S's! Let's, erm, see if we can rattle off a few more...

Service skills

We're always mightily impressed that waiters can balance trays of drinks and weave in and out of customers on a busy restaurant floor.

That particular skill becomes an art form when it's done on a moving boat and navigating a rowdy dancefloor. Huge props to our hostesses Ana and Angie, who not only served attentively, but are blessed with some kind of voodoo sixth sense. Any spillages? Not a drop.

Ibiza Sea Party

To fully appreciate this service, we recommend upgrading to a VIP bed which can accommodate up to six people. At €200 extra, the full value can be redeemed against the price of premium drinks.

Honestly, it just makes total sense for a group to do this and means you avoid having to carry your own drinks from the bottom deck bar to the top. It also means you have a comfy shaded spot to kick-back and recline on.

Booking in advance is the best way to guarantee availability, as any remaining beds and quickly snapped up on the day on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't leave it to chance. Be prepared and beat the stampede.

Ibiza Sea Party

Secluded cove

Ibiza Sea Party is a great way to experience parts of the island that you otherwise wouldn't. How many partygoers staying in Playa d'en Bossa would make the trip to the secluded cove of Sol d'en Serra independently is unclear, but we suspect it's probably low.

Sheltered from the open waters and with the sun pounding down, Sol d'en Serra is the ultimate spot for a swim stop. With everybody now fully in the party spirit, this is a chance to cool off from the sweltering heat. Plus, if you brought swimwear with you, you might as well put it to good use.

You won't find crystal clear waters like this many other places. Yes, Ibiza is breathtakingly beautiful as well as crazy.

Ibiza Sea Party


Groups of guys board. Groups of girls board. Before too long, they inevitably mingle and flanter is being exchanged back and forth. A dazzling display of hard graft ensues. Some advances prove fruitless, but ultimately, nature takes its course and a few lust struck couples get acquainted more intimately.

Whether you're keen to partake in the age old ritual of seduction or sit back and reluctantly observe like some kind of horrified David Attenborough, human behaviour is fascinating. Avert your innocent eyes if you must.

We always say that boat parties are a great place to mix with members of the opposite (or same) sex and this certainly proved to be the case. The sea air has aphrodisiacal properties. Clearly.

Ibiza Sea Party


... as in, champagne sprays. The thrilling and slightly sticky finale as the boat makes its return journey to Playa d'en Bossa. Dressed in naval gear and flanked on either side by his glamorous assistants, animation host Clevert launches into an energised rendition of Reel 2 Real's Move It.

Next, he instigates a football terrace-like chant-along of Seven Nation Army, before ending on the frenzied Losing It by FISHER. All the while, the dancefloor below him is doused in streams of alcohol.

There's no place to hide on deck, so you might as well embrace it and get right in the firing line. What's the worst that can happen? A mouthful of free fizz should never be passed upon. The most vocal and active participants are rewarded with the rest of the bottle to finish amongst them. It pays to show your enthusiasm.

What other S's can you expect?

  • Steady supply of drinks - Ibiza Sea Party is all-inclusive for the entire three hours
  • Scran - platters of fresh fruit for all, not to mention a mixed chicken and seafood paella with cooking show
  • seasickness - one to be avoided and totally avoidable if you buy motion sickness tablets from any island-wide pharmacy. Prevention is better than cure. Especially recommended if you've had a heavy night

Standard tickets and VIP bed upgrades for Ibiza Sea Party can be booked below.

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