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Chilling by the pool: Ryans Lola's

The best spots on Ibiza to sip cocktails and build your tan.

During a time when more and more 4 and 5-star hotels are opening on the island, Ryans fills a gap in the market. Its hotels are modern and fit for the Instagram generation but, crucially, don't price themselves out of their key demographic's budget.

The Ryans brand shot straight into the public consciousness when its apartment complex in Figueretas served as the base camp for the reps and holidaymakers on TV's Ibiza Weekender.

Subsequently, it has opened further adult-only locations La Marina in Ibiza Port and here, Ryans Lola's in San Antonio Bay. As any viewers of the programme will have sussed, its range of accommodation is suited for the 18-30s market and those with clubbing tendencies.

Chilling by the pool: Ryans Lola's

When we arrived, various groups were sloped around the pool, some bathing in the water itself, others are sprawled out on Balinese beds. The searing heat clearly had everybody inclined to remain as horizontal as possible or partially submerged, rather than on their feet and animated.

The temperature and humidity were exasperating, so we gratefully took our place on our sunloungers and went about ordering refreshments.

The pool looked inviting and several large inflatables were dotted around for communal usage. Eventually, their allure enticed some of us off our sunlounger and into the water. It might have made for a good Insta snap, but getting on and off was far from dignified.

Chilling by the pool: Ryans Lola's

During our visit, Hedkandi DJs Mark Doyle, Mike Van Loon and Tom de Neef were on hand to spin sexy vocal House to sun-worshippers.

The back-in-the-day Funky House champion holds regular poolside shindigs here, playing its distinct brand of lounge-worthy beats. However, the trio was present on this occasion specifically to build to their one-off party at Es Paradis on Saturday, One Night In Heaven.

As the tempo edged, Precious Love by Barbara Tucker - herself performing at Es Paradis - was one track instantly synonymous with Hedkandi.

Chilling by the pool: Ryans Lola's

Whilst the tunes may have been heavenly, by contrast, the food offerings are devilish! By that, we mean that the onsite 666 La Buena Muerta restaurant serves a range of occult-inspired burgers and snacks sure to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Orders are taken from an inverted crucifix-shaped menu and the fries even come in a voodoo skull. If it wasn't for the unrepentant sun, it'd all feel a bit Halloween-y.

Our choice of UFO Es Vedra and Beyond burgers, helped suppress appetites, while the Hell sauce was surely brewed straight from Lucifer's cauldron. Caution advised. Those with sensitive palates keep a wide berth. Everybody else, make sure you keep hydration within arm's reach.

Chilling by the pool: Ryans Lola's

Ibiza's least enthusiastic lifeguard? (not an actual lifeguard, but a snoozing Mitch)

Ibiza baked this week and, despite slapping on the sun protection liberally, this fair-skinned northern European opted for the shade-bathe. Maybe we're more vampiric than we care to admit...

Whether you seek a lively base camp or a more leisurely environment to while away the day, both can be found at Ryans Lola's.

For more information on Ryans Lola's and to book, please head to our hotel page.

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