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Chilling by the pool: BLESS Hotel Ibiza

The best spots on Ibiza to sip cocktails and build your tan.

North of Santa Eulalia on Cala Nova, one of our favourite beaches, lies the 5-star BLESS Hotel Ibiza, our destination for the day.

We booked the day pass and went prepared with something to read and plenty of sun cream, ready to relax and be spoilt – very much looking forward to this little break from our busy season.

From the moment we arrived, we knew the choice was perfect: greeted by valet parking service then the friendly reception before we were ushered to the beautiful pool area, where we had a choice of comfortable sunbeds.

There are two pools, a shallow one for sitting in, and a large one high above the seafront for swimming. The temperature was nice and refreshing for this hot September day in Ibiza.

We got changed down in the changing room and headed straight for the water, equipped with our phones to get some nice shots to show off. 

With Cala Nova beach at the foot of the pool area, the views of small rolling waves, the cliffs beyond, and the open sea, we indeed felt delightfully special.

Other guests were enjoying the same: a group of women drinking Cava chatting together, a couple enjoying an Ibiza getaway without their kids, and some lucky lady having a massage.  As the day developed, so did the atmosphere: the sun loungers and Bali beds got busier, delicious, refreshing drinks were served, and the chatting got merrier.

Expert in-house DJ Ivan Garcia set the mood with uplifting chill-out music for the morning hours, making relaxing by the pool pure bliss.

As the sun got hotter, we also asked for one of those tempting iced drinks. Strawberry and pineapple with crushed ice and mint: we loved it and were ready for some bites to eat.

The BLESS Hotel Day pass includes 70 euros consumption at the pool bar Llum, so we chose some dishes to share: croquetas de jamón ibérico, spicy chicken wings (they are really spicy) and a plate of California rolls. We accompanied them with water though a nice glass of wine would have been ideal.

For dessert, we opted for the delicious homemade ice-cream, a type of sorbet, which was just the right choice for keeping cool, and the vegan chocolate cake, which would have been better for an afternoon coffee and cake occasion.

Luckily, we managed to squeeze in some time for digesting and relaxing on our sun loungers before we had to leave, envying all the guests that could just dream the time away chilling by the pool.

For further information on the day pass or to book a stay, please visit the BLESS Hotel Ibiza page on our website.

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