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Birthdays don't come bigger than Pukka Up's 20th!

Ibiza's original boat party reaches a noteworthy milestone and celebrates in the only way it knows how.

Marking a whopping two decades at sea, Ibiza's longest reigning boat party Pukka Up embarked on its most spectacular voyage to date

Walking from Rio in San Antonio to the boarding point, it was instantly clear this was going to be a big celebration. Crowds had amassed in their hundreds, eager to climb on board and raise a glass in honour of this noteworthy milestone.

The send-off was gentle and perhaps the suggestion than people were holding back, waiting for one of their fellow passengers to make the first move. Any reservation was soon thrown out to sea once we hit open waters.

Pukka Up Boat Party | San Antonio Boat Parties

Under clear instructions from the DJ to get up and get dance, everybody rose to their feet as the top deck erupted. The free drink, plus sangria-laced water pistols and champagne sprays definitely assisted in lubricating the crowd - in more ways than one!

For three solid hours, the music was pumping and the crowds were throwing hands up. The beautiful podium dancers and drummer adding that extra bit of pizzaz.

Pukka Up Boat Party | San Antonio Boat Parties

You'd might think a few passengers would lose their sea legs, but it was hard to spot a crack on the dancefloor. We had to muscle our way in.

In terms of tunage, some absolute belters were played. The Ibiza anthems in particular went down a treat, with everyone singing along including the crew.

The most magical time during any boat party, is of course that all important golden hour. By this point, the temperature was at its optimum, everyone was at their merriest and the phones came out for those Insta-perfect selfies.

You may have missed the big 2-0 birthday, but you haven't missed sailing with the Pukka Up gang during this landmark year.

Pukka Up Boat Party | San Antonio Boat Parties

Sailing three times a week, you can choose from Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday all the way to 3 October. Of particular interest, we're going to highlight 7 September when special guests Belters Only ride again.

Tickets for all remaining sailing are available to purchase below.

WORDS | by Lissy Lübeck and Hayley Morgan

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