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Party preview | 50 candles for Pacha in landmark year

All you need to know about the Grand Opening Party on Friday 28 April.

About Pacha Grand Opening Party

During a standard year, Pacha's Grand Opening Party brings together all of the things that make it such a magical party destination, but this will be no normal edition. Add the extra fairy dust of 50 years and you have a potent party concoction ready to boil over.

Unlike other opening parties which go for volume of artists, Pacha takes a "less is more" approach usually with a single DJ fronting the whole shebang.

Want to know more? We answer the big questions: when? where? who? why? and how?


Friday 28 April, midnight to 06:00

Pacha's Grand Opening Party takes place straight after IMS Grand Finale - the outdoor party in the Old Town. The three-day-long International Music Summit is a busy period widely regarded as Ibiza's season's curtain-raiser.

The conference and industry meet-up is a great excuse for a party. All those bods from the music business, concentrated together - a party (or multiples of) are inevitable. Flights and hotels are much more affordable compared to peak summer, making it an excellent time to visit.


Pacha - Ibiza's oldest club, having opened its doors in 1973 - 50 years ago this year.

Originally a converted finca, the building has undergone more regenerations than Doctor Who, expanding and updating almost year-on-year. Today's modern club is very different than the Pacha that stood in the same spot in 1973, as well as considerably larger.

Pacha Ibiza by Raul Sanchez

That said, it still drips with that unmistakable Pacha signature.

In recent years, the dancefloor has been widened and the sound system upgraded, making the clubbing element equally as important as its famous VIP. The cherries logo indicates stylish and sophisticated clubbing.



It could only be one man at the helm for this grandiose occasion. Roll out the red carpet.

Solomun at Pacha Ibiza by Tatiana Chausovsky

Solomun is Pacha's golden goose and long-term Sunday night host. He has been the club's go-to custodian of the Grand Opening Party for some years now and knows exactly the responsibility that comes with the gig.

Far from feeling the nerves, the big man will revel in the limelight. Nobody commands the booth with the same authoritative presence (the latest incarnation of the DJ booth was designed and positioned with Solomun in mind).

The extended set time is a format in which he is known to shine, so anticipate being taken on a journey from start to finish. Warming things up is Pacha resident Angel Linde, who's experienced enough to lay the foundations of the night and tee things up perfectly.

Pacha Ibiza by Jonatan Ferrer

Aside from the headliner and his support, the other demographic who will be in noticeable presence will be Pacha's beautiful clientele. Men, women; gay, straight, it says much about how Pacha has positioned itself as an aspirational brand in the last 50 years that its crowd is consistently glam


There's no such thing as a silly question, but there are those that are easy to answer. Because...

  • Solomon is a puppeteer from the centre of Pacha's main room, pulling the strings of the entire club, no matter your angle. See the genius in action
  • musically this gives us a good indication of how Sundays are going to sound the rest of summer
  • Pacha's glitterati will be dolled-up to the nines for the occasion
  • Dalt Vila to Pacha is a breezy journey, meaning only a short intermission between the end of one party and your arrival at the next
  • 50 years demands your attendance. Don't be a party pooper and give the birthday girl the gift of your presence


Now a question with a simple answer: by heading below and grabbing your tickets.

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PHOTOGRAPHY | by Mario Pinta, Jonatan Ferrer, Raul Sanchez and Tatiana Chausovsky

Pacha's Grand Opening Party listings - 2024


Pacha's Grand Opening Party

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