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Party preview | Amnesia officially opens its account for 2023

All you need to know about the legendary marathon party on Saturday 13 May.

About Amnesia Opening Party

Unquestionably one of the most significant events of summer, very few parties stoke up the hype on the same level as Amnesia's Opening Party. It's a watershed moment in the calendar which indicates that Ibiza is open for business.

The bill is always stacked and the crowd ravenous to go all the way. Throw in the club's cutting-edge production and that indescribable sense of escapism found in the heart of the dancefloor and you have the makings of a special party.

Want to know more? We answer the big questions: when? where? who? why? and how?


Saturday 13 May, 22:00 to TBA

Amnesia Ibiza by PHRANK

Two short weeks after the Pyramid "soft opening", Amnesia gets underway for real - consider that one an appetiser for the main course! Very few parties exist that carry the burden of expectation that Amnesia's Opening Party does. What a whooper!

Not only in reputation but in literal size. These parties are known for their extended run time.

Judging by the number of confirmed DJs, that should again be the case this year. Although the exact closing time is yet to be confirmed, we hope that it will include some daylight dancing on the Terraza. So come well-fuelled and raring to go if you intend to last the distance.


Amnesia - one of Ibiza's most decorated clubs and a brand that wields worldwide influence.

It has two awesome, but completely different dancefloors - and both of them retain legendary status on the island. The Terraza is a clubber's paradise, rectangular in shape with a spring-like mattress of a dancefloor, that reacts to the united rhythm of those moving on it.

Amnesia Ibiza by PHRANK

Meanwhile, the Main Room is darker and less symmetrical with various tiers. Both are powered by recently installed KV2 audio sound systems and each has a VIP balcony overhanging the dancefloor below.



We promised a stacked bill and that's exactly what is it.

One of the interesting angles sees mentor Adam Beyer play back-to-back with student Layton Giordani. Since Giordani was brought into the fold at Drumcode, Beyer has taken him under his wing and helped mould him into the next generation of Techno talent.

In pairing up, we get to see just how much the student has learned from his master as Giordani continues to excel on the circuit. Beyer has given us plenty of Amnesia Main Room memories down the years, but now could be Giordani's time to step up to the plate.

Could the torch be about to be passed?

Somebody who always rises to the occasion is Maceo Plex. The Hispanic DJ just has a rapport with Amnesia's Terraza like no other DJ. We've witnessed him destroy this dancefloor numerous times and it never gets old. We can almost guarantee there will be a sit-down.

Maceo Plex at Amnesia Ibiza by PHRANK

Apart from the resident DJs, Maceo Plex is the only surviving act from last year's Amnesia Opening Party. He so reliable, he warrants a repeat booking again and again. With a new album in the works, we can expect brand new material as well as some old favourites, we're sure.

Palestinian Sama' Abdulhadi has redefined expectations of what DJs are capable of. Holding nothing back, Sama' plays with a level of passion matched by few of her contemporaries. Equally absorbing is her origin story, but in the booth, her track selections say it all.

Another DJ who has a history of doing things her way is one of our own. Sporting an entrepreneurial mindset, Anna Tur is the go-getting DJ we are proud to call an islander. Part of a lineage of passionate broadcasters, Anna is a producer and label owner finally getting her dues.

Finally, a debut is handed to Gina Jeanz. The Namibian-born, Zurich-based artist has been turning heads with her eclectic output, as highlighted on her debut album Lucid Theory.

Last year, LaLa and Gabrielle Kwarteng were amongst the names given a first opportunity, showing that Amnesia's bookers are not afraid to thrust untested talents into the spotlight on the biggest of stages. Watch them grab the opportunity with both hands.


Possibly the most benign rhetorical question to ever be asked. But since you're here, because...

  • mentor and student go back-to-back as Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani have a passing of the torch
  • one of our own Anna Tur is given a platform to show everybody exactly what she's all about
  • Maceo Plex seems to reserve his best sets for Amnesia's Terraza - a real dream combo down the years
  • two of the underground's best selectors and biggest personalities, Seth Troxler and Skream, butting musical heads inside one of the most sacred DJ booths on the planet. It's as deranged as it is unmissable
  • daylight dancing on the Terraza is a strong possibility. We can already feel the rays
  • we long to be smacked in the face by a ball of CO2 (maybe that's just us?)
  • IT'S AMNESIA OPENING! It just gets done. Drop any other plans and be there

Amnesia Ibiza


Now a question with an easy answer: simply by heading below and grabbing your tickets.

Not only do you guarantee the cheapest price buying from Ibiza Spotlight, but you get robust consumer protection giving you total flexibility and freedom. In fact, we're going to go out on a limb and say we have the best terms and conditions of any ticketing platform in the world.

Should you change your mind for any reason (illness? change of holiday dates? just, because...) you are entitled to a full refund, just as long as you cancel the tickets in your account at least 24 hours before the start of the party. No questions asked. You don't even need to talk to a human.

Early bird tickets are on sale now, but they won't hang around for long.


Amnesia Opening Party listings - 2023

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