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Jazz Point Festival returns to arouse the senses

Back for its third season with new freedom to express!

Back for the third edition, Jazz Point Festival returned to town earlier this month. The live music festival caters for those that love quality music and want to embrace it with all their soul.

Jazz at its purest is an art form for connoisseurs and this special series of concerts, at iconic venues around Ibiza, serves up uncompromisingly good music.

Four days of the festival, from Thursday to Sunday, were filled with concerts hosted in intimate locations, perfectly fitting for this kind of event, on an island that has never looked so cool.

We chose to go on Friday to Ibiza’s number one live music venue, Teatro Ibiza, to catch the Jesse van Ruller Group.

Jesse van Ruller is an acclaimed jazz composer and guitarist from The Netherlands who has recorded several albums of his work and is well-known across Europe. On this occasion, he was accompanied by four splendid musicians: two sax players, a bass guitarist and a drummer.

Before the music began, one of the creators of the event made a beautiful speech explaining why this festival exists. Their motivation is to give a musical gift to the island that has given them so much in return.

As the session gets underway, Jesse leads his band with his elegant and gentle sound, while the other members are tasked with keeping up with the challenging but mesmerising sound.

The music of the night is experimental, improvised, and very brave. It is not melodic for the most part, but it is a sequence of notes where the musicians are looking for each other and following each other's lead until they all reach harmony. And it works. It is sublime, it is a piece of art in the making.

There are also many solos from the band members, in which they venture through complicated musical landscapes. Needless to say, the standards are extremely high and everyone loves it.

The crowd is fantastic. It is composed of passionate music lovers who know exactly what they are listening to and appreciate it, a lot. They are beautiful people who have come out tonight to participate in a unique musical experience.

When the concert is over the applause is unending and deserving. It was a night of complex music that will help this festival to further establish itself as one of the top musical events on this island.

But for those still undecided, take our word for it, anyone can enjoy a magical night like this. All you need is an open mind and the intention to lose yourself in the great musicianship displayed on the stage.

Once again, the Jazz Point Festival opened a window to a surprising and marvellous musical environment. A place that now exists firmly on our island which must be protected and nourished at all costs.

Because Ibiza is not only electronic music, Ibiza IS music. See you next year!

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