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Food Review: MIRA Ibiza endless summer of delights

Cocktails, great food and music, MIRA is the perfect place to start your night.

Nowhere does luxury quite like Ibiza.

Juggling high-end hospitality, while at the same time maintaining the island's carefree, Bohemian reputation is no easy job. We empathise with those who increasingly feel they are priced out of enjoying a little luxury. Yet there are still establishments to be found that provide value for money in the most prestigious of areas that is Marina Botafoc. MIRA Ibiza is one of them.

Considering the affluence of the surrounding area, the deluxe private yachts moored in the marina and the high prices at nearby establishments, MIRA is a breath of fresh sea air.

Both food and drink are affordably priced. While MIRA restaurant itself is laid back and unpretentious, given its location and upmarket neighbours, it never feels out of place.

In that respect, MIRA is somewhat of an anomaly, though a very welcome buck to the trend.

After a day of toiling on the high seas, many boat charter operators disembark a few feet away. Those weary sea legs seem to gravitate to the conveniently located MIRA. And why not? A nightcap with friends is the least you deserve, no matter if you’re on holiday or just one of the crew.

Groups of friends kick back and chew the fat over a round of drinks

Food is ordered and shared. Here the music is a bit more than just background, but crucially never loud enough to drown out conversation. Glasses clink, stories are recounted, and laughter regularly punctuates the air.

Good vibes all around.

As is the Spanish way, the menu at MIRA lends itself to group consumption. While the offerings are a fresh spin on traditional tapas, the manner in which they should be eaten is typically communal.

Sharing dishes, such as the ever-popular edamame beans, spicy rib tacos and homemade croquettes, encourages everyone to dig in. Mealtimes here are not for the conservative-minded! Even the wakame shrimp salad calls for duelling forks to clash.

The surprise of the day was a sneak glimpse of a Chef's Special which hadn't yet made it onto the main menu – delectable Duck Lettuce Tacho Wraps complete with rich Hoi Sin sauce.

Desserts follow suit. Everyone picks their spoon and shares the love tucking into the irresistible cheesecake and brownie.  

Though when it comes to the cocktails, in which MIRA takes pride in specialising, you might find yourself more protective over your chosen tipple. The Spicy Vodka Brumble's sharp berry taste will titillate the tongue of those who lean towards bitterness. Meanwhile, the Zombie's refreshing tropical blend is more subtle. However, the potency of its rum base can creep up on you, trojan-horse-like.

For those with more substantial appetites, the menu also includes a range of burgers, pizzas and a variety of hearty mains.

Both Pacha and Club Chinois are a short distance away, walkable even. Thus, making Mira the ideal pre-club spot if visiting either venue.

Even if your ultimate destination is slightly further afield, the ever-reliable disco bus swings by this part of town to ferry you to your terminus of choice. With MIRA calling time at 03:00 every night of the week, it can take you all the way to prime dancefloor territory.

Then again, there’s no obligation. After being exposed to all that sea air and indulging in comforting food, hitting the sack is an equally attractive proposition.

Reserve your table at MIRA here.

MIRA Ibiza is open all year round for residents to enjoy in the winter too. 

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