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Alluring array of guest DJs appearing at Pacha this week

No matter the night of the week, clubbers are in for a treat.

Since opening its doors all those years ago in the summer of 1973, Pacha has a proud heritage of booking the world's best DJs. From its residents to its guests, the cream of the electronic music world has graced its hallowed decks - even if they keep moving the location of the booth!

Even by its own high standards, we think Ibiza oldest club has surpassed itself with what it has lined-up in the coming week.

Adding to its glittering arsenal of residents at its disposal, Marco Carola, Solomun, Claptone and Bedouin, comes an ace pack of "support" DJs are set to send clubbers to musical heaven. Frankly, they're headliners in their own right. Let's take a look at some in closer detail.

Audiofly | A Wednesday Saga | 28 September

Best known for: a still much talked about past Ibiza residency at Grial/Veto

Audiofly's distinct sound traverses the sand swept plains of Nevada to the beach communities of Tulum. Yet it says much that the duo choose to base themselves out of Ibiza. A tandem now two decades strong, Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito are still pushing creative boundaries.

Islanders and longer term visitors will be familiar with their Flying Circus parties, taken from the name of their label. Nowadays, Audiofly seem content on being the safe bet guests at any number of their friend's parties, from Black Coffee to Lee Burridge.

Musically, they share lots in common with Bedouin. Still commanding a pocket of faithful support wherever they play on the island, Audiofly's appearance on Wednesday night will be a treat for those who like their House music deep, wordly and hypnotic.


Ida Engberg | El Baile | 29 September

Best known for: her passionate and principled activism, being The First Lady of Drumcode

When she's not DJing, Ida Engberg uses her platform to give a voice to the voiceless. She is a tireless animal rights and environmental campaigner, which makes us love her all the more.

Whether we focus solely on this summer, or cast our minds back further, Ida has consistently delivered the best sets of the night no matter who she shares a line-up with. On Thursday, she plays a special House and classics set, which shakes things up a little.

El Baile has made it a mission statement to elevate female and non-binary artists this summer, making Ida the ideal fit for the party's higher feminine energy. Joining a line-up that also consists of Monki, Anstascia and Cole Knight, she's in very good company.


Seth Troxler | Music On | 30 September

Best known for: irreverent sound bytes, BBQ cook-offs, his huge haul of vinyl

Seth Troxler is electronic music's conscience. Never afraid to speak his mind, he has been a mouthpiece for the industry. Sometimes controversial, regularly off-the-wall but always from the heart. He's also a keen griller, as evidenced by his pop-up barbeque joint Smokey Tails.

Seth's days of hedonism and chemical experiementation seemed consigned to the history books, as he takes on newfound responsibilty as a family man. We love him and the world is a much better place with him in it.

Personality aside, he never fails to entertain behind the decks - and no two Seth sets are ever the same. In part, thanks to his ear for a track, but also thanks to his ever expanding record collection. Seth Troxler and Marco Carola together at Music On makes for an irrestible pairing.


2manydjs | The Masquerade | 1 October

Best known for: being Soulwax

You might know Belgian brothers Steven and David Dewaele as 2manydjs or you might be more familiar with their work as Soulwax. Either way, they have left a permanent mark in electronic music's history books.

Rarely playing it safe and always comfortable switching genres at the drop of a hat, their record bag contains anything from Progressive Rock to Funk, Trip-Hop to industrial Techno. Essentially, it's party-starter music.

Having played at Pacha just a few week ago, 2manydjs come more than prepared to shake the dancefloor to its foundations on Saturday night. The crowds will come for Claptone, but chances are they will leave talking about 2manydjs.


Midland | Solomun +1 | 2 October

Best known for: Essential Mix of the year 2016, not sticking to one genre or tempo

Midland, otherwise known to his mum as Harry Agius, has never really bought into the modern day, aspirational image of international DJ stardom. He'd far prefer to shun the illusion of celebrity and manifactured hype, and let his mixing and track selection speak for themselves.

That he is so humble, perhaps at times even tormented by imposter syndrome, belies his talent. It's these traits, that has contributed to Ibiza appearances few and far between. But when they come, Midland has a habit of making them count.

Solomun has been behind some bold programming this summer. Midland is by no means a risky booking, but it does look beyond the same regurgitated line-ups that have blighted the scene. Both DJs side-by-side creates an alluring prospect. Count us in!


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