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Sulta Selects comes to Amnesia's Terrace

A two-date September exclusive brought to you by Denis Sulta.

Glaswegian DJ and Producer Denis Sulta has stolen the hearts of many electronic music fanatics in recent years. This September, he curries more favour by debuting his own Ibiza party. 

Between a manic summer touring schedule, he's managed to squeeze in an exclusive two date slot at Amnesia under his iconic party alliance Sulta Selects

Taking place on the legendary dancefloor that is The Terrace, things kick-off on Friday 2 September. Disco queen Jayda G, DJ Boring and rising star Bklava are all being brought to the booth for the first instalment. 

Sulta Selects returns for round two on Friday 16 September. Techno boy band FJAAK, as well as longtime sparring partner Mella Dee, Irish queen Saoirse and fast-rising underground talent Kilimanjaro, fresh from his epic Boiler Room performance, all join the fracas. 

It comes as little surprise that Sulta has secured this pair of parties given his widespread and ever-growing appeal. Sulta Selects sells out wherever it goes, so it was only a matter of time before Ibiza came calling.

Given he has kept earlier island appearances to a minimum in 2022, we anticipate demand to be high for these two outings.

Are you as excited as we are? You'll find us bouncing off the walls of The Terrace on both dates. We feel like Denis himself would approve.

Head below to find tickets for either date.

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