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Sulta Selects - Amnesia

At Amnesia. The Scottish Zebedee selects his mates and his music for two Amnesia take overs.

Livewire DJ Denis Sulta joins the Amnesia family for two special Friday take overs in September 2022. Under the banner of Sulta Selects, the Scottish figurehead will invite friends and peers from the industry to join him and bring something different to the White Isle.

Playing alongside the host himself, will be BklavaDJ BoringJayda G, FJAAK, Mella Dee, Saoirse and Kilimanjaro, dispersed across the two dates.

Promising music that won't be played at other Ibiza parties, the two occasions to bookmark are 2 and 16 September - right when the crowds become a little more clued-up and music-focused.

See below for tickets and line-ups.

Venue: Amnesia

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