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Dreamy dancefloor moments at hillside Cova Santa

A blissful Thursday evening for the fantasists and the idealists.

From the party's origins in Brooklyn in 2011 to its worldwide tours, All Day I Dream as a concept captures the imagination wherever it goes. At the risk of sounding biased, we think its Thursday residency at the amazingly picturesque Cova Santa is about as good as it gets.

Lying on the shoulder of a green hill, surrounded by pine tress and overlooking the San José countryside, it's the ideal location for an afternoon of pure musical escapism.

ADID is made for balmy open-air, summer evenings under the sky, supplying the perfect backdrop for eyes-wide-shut moments of bliss and dancefloor hugs with strangers.

Created by visionary Lee Burridge to "spur his technicolour emotionalism" will take you through the realms of Progressive and Deep House. Gorgeous melodic electronic music is the main course here and it is the perfect fuel to ignite your imagination.


On our visit, the party mastermind was conspicuous by his absence. No Lee; no problem. Label regular Sébastien Léger was a more than adequate deputy.

Arriving at Cova Santa always feels slightly removed from reality, but for All Day I Dream that sense of wonder is heightened. The location is glowing with a characteristic pinkish light, which makes it both alluring and exotic. We were entering the dreamstate.

Already a gentle crowd of happy, smiling people welcome us. This atmosphere is typical of ADID, where an emphasis on community values sits at the heart of the party.

The hills are unquestionably alive with sound of music. We feel totally present in the moment, sharing these warm fuzzy feelings with our dancefloor kinship.

With the sun falling behind the hills, we bid farewell to day and embraced the onsetting night.


With natural light disappearing, the glow from the lanterns intensifies. These poised touches are found everywhere from Tulum to Medellín, but with the scent of pines carried on the breeze and the chorus of cicadas just out of earshot, this is totally Balearic All Day Dream experience.

Sébastian Léger's track selection reaffirms the ability of music to make us day dream. His sound is deep, hypnotic but also trancey; elegant but never pretentious.

Tone changes are subtle and seamlessly woven, with the standard of the music never sacrificed for abrupt drops or cheap crowd pops.

After dark

By 23:00 dancing on the outdoor terrace has drawn to a close, but the night is still young. We move to the well air conditioned, indoor club. Here the party continues with the same good vibrations, although of vital importance, the volume can be ramped up. Gorje Hewek increases the tempo and takes us into the night.

If you want to dream not only when you are asleep, retreat to a place where you can dream all day. All Day I Dream is a party for dreamers - a sanctuary that promises good vibes and like-minded adventurers.

For Ibiza lovers who want to embrace the true spirit of the White Isle, All Day I Dream is a party not to be missed.

Tickets to all remaining dates, including this week's return of Lee Burridge, can be found below. Starting from just €16.50, not only are they amongst the cheapest tickets on the island, they also represent huge value for money.

IMAGES | by Parker Maass

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