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World class entertainment and dining abound at 528 Ibiza

From 528 Garden to its terrace and restaurant to post-show club.

From the creative minds that brought us MANUMISSION and founded Artful Entertainment, an enthralling new production takes to the stage at 528 Ibiza for an evening of theatrical and culinary delight.

It's just coming up to 21:00 on another warm evening in Ibiza. As we climb the steps up to the 528 terrace, the sky is still light and the evening air balmy. A stunning setting in Benimussa Hills awaits us, as is a decadent dining and Cirque du Soleil style performance.

528 is back for 2022, and it immediately immerses you into its theatrical experience. Elegantly dressed actors transport guests to a different era in a recreation of a bustling Phoenician market place scene.

A range of delicious welcome drinks are on offer to sip as the sun sets. With a cocktail, cava or soft drink in hand, we take a moment to enjoy the evening light and beautiful view over the rolling Ibizan landscape.

528 Garden

Our aperitifs are accompanied by a coin that can be exchanged for a range of gourmet canapes: an oyster, Ibérico ham served on a parmesan crisp or potato encased in Ibizan herbs complete with truffle mayo.

The Ibérico ham is delicious and cracking open the potato's herb casing with a rock is a nice touch that added an interactive element to the dining experience. The flavours of the canapes are bold, much like the ideas behind 528. 

As a foretaste for the show, the market place springs to life and we are treated to drumming and dancing by sunset, before moving inside for further food and flair.

528 Ibiza by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

The new, purpose-built dining theatre is cool and dark. There isn't a bad seat in the house. Everyone has a good view of the stage. Throughout the meal, the service is excellent: speedy and attentive.

We are talked through everything we are served in the seven-course tasting menu. The feast is a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. 528's culinary inspiration is led by renowned head chef Gonzalo Aragüez and sous-chef Massimo Bartelloni

Some freshly baked bread kicks off the show with aioli and some fascinating nibbles: a Bloody Mary jelly shot on a spoon and a mini wagyu beef sandwich topped with caviar.

The Bloody Mary shot is a particular highlight: innovative, texturally intriguing and fully flavoursome, something we've never tried before. This is served alongside a delicate crisp topped with pristinely presented eggplant.

528 Ibiza by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Shortly before the show kicks off, a sweet tomato-filled doughnut is placed in front of us. Its dessert-like taste continues to keep our senses stimulated as it throws into question standard culinary norms. 

With our wine and water glasses topped up, the show begins. Two enthralling hosts welcome us. The show, A Frequency of Love, and its story provide a La Folie Douce like atmosphere.

The show aims to chart the history of Ibiza, taking guests on a journey of the island's past, "inspired by tradition and inheritance stemming from the sea." As a celebration of Ibiza's culture and heritage, the show transports us from the Phoenicians to Payeses tradition, telling tales of ancient civilisations and liberation, before reaching the rise of club culture in more recent times.

World class acrobatics, gymnastics and choreographed dance routines are interspersed with delectable dishes. The flavours of tasty tacos and handmade ravioli, filled with either vegetables or a rich beef ragu, dance on our tongues.

Despite the gastronomic distractions, it is impossible to take our eyes off the show. Decadent desserts follow, abundant with tastes of coconut and flavours of fresh fruit. All dishes are presented delicately yet are plentiful and filling.

Guests sit astounded as the supple and toned performers balance in ways that appear to defy the law of physics and biology.

Dancers' bodies move in rhythm with the unforgettable soundtrack, and the audience sit with jaws agape, watching as women swing from their hair and hula hoop endlessly. 

528 Ibiza

Despite the size of the dining auditorium, performers regularly appear amongst the crowd, luring diners up on stage or encouraging dancing. The entire experience feels fresh and could only be conceived by the creative acumen of Andy McKay and executed on magical Ibiza.

As the show reached its theatrical climax and musical crescendo, performers rapidly change from amusing cabin crew uniforms into stunning outfits for their final number. The hosts pitch either side of the room against one another in a sing-off.

Everybody becomes part of the 528 experience. 

Before long almost every diner is up dancing on stage, jivingwith the entire 528 team including kitchen staff, waiters and performers alike.

528 Ibiza by Valerie Reilly

528 is certainly an experience we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

You can find remaining dinner and show tickets for August below. For September dates, head to the relevant pages.

If you would like to experience 528 Garden, without committing to dinner and the full show, you can visit here to purchase fully-redeemable €50 credit, which also guarantees entry to the post-show club.

WORDS | Linus Uhlig and Katie Devey

IMAGES | by Sofia Gomez Fonzo and Valerie Reilly

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