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New Tasting Menu for the 2022 season at Etxeko Ibiza

The exclusive restaurant at Bless Hotel Ibiza in Cala Nova welcomes diners with a gourmet menu that highlights local produce

Following the opening of Bless Hotel Ibiza in Cala Nova in 2021, its exclusive restaurant, Etxeko, quickly established its reputation as one of the island’s top eateries. Since then, it has come to the attention of such prestigious gastronomic guides as Sol Repsol and the Michelin guide, gaining a star and a mention, respectively.

Last week, at a special event held for the press, Etxeko announced its new tasting menu. A lucky member of the Ibiza Spotlight team went along to find out more.

Etxeko’s success so far stems from its consummate combination of the best of Basque cooking and avant-garde cuisine. Now, in an exciting development that will have gourmands licking their lips, its mastermind, the multiple Michelin-award winning chef, Martín Berasategui, has designed a new menu.

In addition to an imaginative reinterpretation of Basque haute cuisine, the focus will be firmly on local Ibizan produce such as carob, locally grown tomatoes and the sea salts for which the island is famed.

As Executive Chef, Paco Budía, puts it, “Without losing the essence of Martín Berasategui’s culinary spirit, we at Etxeko Ibiza are seeking to combine it with the flavours, aromas and textures of Ibizan produce, paying homage to the fantastic ingredients that the island supplies. Like this, the diner can experience the flavours of the holiday destination they are visiting, as well as giving our support to the local suppliers without whom our cooking wouldn’t be possible.

Other mouth-watering novelties on the menu this summer are Ibizan pigs’ trotters and squid fresh from the waters of the Mediterranean surrounding the island. Similarly, when it comes to wines, the emphasis this year will be on local and national wines as opposed to international ones.

Etxeko is offering two gourmet tasting menus: a long one comprising 11 courses for €130 per head and a short one made up of six courses for €60. Those who are privileged to eat at Etxeko can expect highly visual dishes, many of which are finished at the table itself in front of the diner, inviting them to take part in the unique gastronomic experience.

In this way, “Etxeko”, which means “from home”, seeks to achieve its fundamental aim; ensuring its guests enjoy the delectable cuisine and the restaurant’s special atmosphere free of restrictive labels.  

So, for those sophisticated connoisseurs looking for a truly pioneering and highly authentic dining experience this summer - a culinary home away from home, as it were - it appears Etxeko has just the answer. 


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