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Etxeko Ibiza by Martín Berasategui

Restaurant, San Carlos, Ibiza. Acclaimed Basque chef Martín Berasategui invites you into his "home".



Part of the highly exclusive Bless Hotel Ibiza located overlooking the stunning Cala Nova, near San Carlos, Etxeko showcases the very finest gastronomy. In the five years since it opened, it has established itself as one of the island’s most avant-garde culinary hotspots.

Now the proud possessor of a newly awarded Michelin Star (one of only three such establishments on the island) and one Repsol Sun, Etxeko's sublime reinterpretation of the finest Basque gastronomy and highly creative use of locally sourced Ibizan produce redefines haute cuisine. Under the guidance of its creator, master chef Martín Berasategui, and head chef Paco Budia, this stylish restaurant continues to set the bar for high-end dining on Ibiza.

Its exceptional sampling menu - reinvented for the 2023 season - emphasises the role of local suppliers of fresh produce, whether they are here on Ibiza or in the area surrounding San Sebastian in the Basque region. Etxeko's sophisticated gourmands are treated to a veritable sensory journey from the kitchen table of Martin's childhood home, to the market stalls of La Bretxa, and that mecca of fine fare, San Sebastian.

It's a voyage of gustatory discovery from the first mouthful all the way to the last without ever having to leave your seat.

Resort: San Carlos, Ibiza

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