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Ibiza debuts worth catching in 2022 | Part one

After two years away, some new faces have arrived on the DJ circuit.

While we (along with everybody else) are loving Ibiza's clubland being back in full swing, a few have noted the repetition amongst some line-ups. Certainly a few familiar names seem to pop up at every party at every club. Clearly a few agents have earned their bonuses.

Given that parties are sharing the same pool of talent, we've taken it upon ourselves to scratch beneath the surface. After two summers away, a lot has changed in the world of electronic music. There's fresh faces and fresh ideas.

Everybody loves an Ibiza debut and a few are really standing out to us this year. Would you believe, there's even a handful of first-timers stepping up to the plate this weekend? ... and we've already had one or two at the April openings.

Italian DJ Anfisa Letyago made her Ibiza debut at Ibiza's Opening Party

Some of these DJs have been coming here for years and they may have already played sets here and there.

For the purposes of this feature, we're specifically looking at their first time playing at one of the island's super-clubs. Past appearances at smaller clubs and bars do not count, although evidently they're an important stepping stone onto greater things.

Lilly Palmer | Amnesia Opening Party | 21 May

First up, is Zurich born Lilly Palmer. Diving head first into the underground scene back in 2015, she has since made her mark on the Techno world. Now signed to Adam Beyer's essential Drumcode label, she is accumulating an increasingly heavy touring schedule. 

Palmer became synonymous with powerful, impulsive beats, intriguing melodies, electrifying basslines and her natural charisma working the crowd. Not only is she an in-demand DJ, but also an assured producer - check out her sound.

Lilly Palmer is part of Amnesia's huge Opening Party this weekend, before returning for three dates at Pyramid later in summer. BUY TICKETS

Ben Hemsley | The Zoo Project | 22 May

Straight outta' Newcastle, Ben Hemsley is one of the most exciting new DJ talents in the world right now. Already recognised amongst his peers for stompers such as Caress Me, he's also shown his versatility with more euphoric productions that reference the Trance sound of old.

Hemsley's had a busy couple of years touring alongside the very best in the game and things are only accelerating for him this summer. Here's hoping he'll be able to enjoy a drink at Golden Buddha soon!

Ben Hemsley debuts at The Zoo Project Goes Bananas this Sunday, before two more confirmed dates at Amnesia Presents including its opening party. BUY TICKETS

John Summit | Ants | 4 June

Hailing from Chicago - the birthplace of House music - John Summit represents a new wave of DJs from the USA. Possessing production techniques that betray his fledgling years, John isn't only music-obsessed but has taken to the culture of the scene like a natural.

John is championed by heavyweights Defected and Repopulate Mars. That type of backing tells you everything you need to know. His Twitter profile is a constant source of amusement. There's little filter with John posting whatever he happens to be thinking in the moment.

John Summit plays ANTS on 4 June and 16 July, Defected on 10 June, The Masquerade on 23 July and Amnesia Presents on 12 September with more dates TBC. BUY TICKETS

Meg Ward | Amnesia Presents | 20 June

Anther talent to emerge from the North East of the UK, Meg Ward has spent the last few years plying her trade at popular residency, ILL Behaviour. Developing her own unique sound, she works her crowds through catchy basslines and synth-heavy compositions.

A recent remix snapped up by fellow Newcastle pioneer Patrick Topping for his label Trick, has made it to dancefloors across the globe.

Meg Ward lines-up alongside Danny Howard, Ben Hemsley and Cinthie in the Club Room for Amnesia Presents on 20 June. BUY TICKETS

Fleur Shore by Kyle Mac

Fleur Shore | The Martinez Brothers | 12 July

One DJ who we already had the pleasure of seeing play here this summer is Fleur Shore. The young Birmingham DJ opened for The Martinez Brother's showcase at W Hotel over IMS week. With a distinct look and laser-focused musical vision, Fleur is touted for big things.

Her hard work is already being rewarded by a string of top Ibiza bookings that have rolled in. We anticipate Manizer, her recent outing on Edible, to be a huge track here this summer.

Fleur Shore goes back-to-back with AJ Christou at The Martinez Brothers on 12 July. BUY TICKETS Later you can catch her a couple of times on Wednesdays at Paradise. BUY TICKETS

There's five off the bat to get you started coming in the next days, weeks and months, but it's only the beginning. For more Ibiza debuts, check-out part two of this feature.

You can find all these names and more on our definitive party calendar.

WORDS | by Lissy Lübeck and Stephen Hunt

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