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Traumer Invites gets selected Sundays at Octan Ibiza

The formidable French DJ has four dates at ENCORE including the opening party.

Formidable French DJ Traumer is taking over Octan Ibiza on four separate occasions this summer.

Traumer Invites is a residency within a residency, at new Sunday party ENCORE, beginning on 29 May.

The invitees on that occasion have a distinct Romanian flavour about them. Raresh, Priku and Gescu are our host's guests, so you know what that entails - obscure deep, rolling House music.

31 July, 14 August and 18 September are the other three instances.

You can catch underground talents Enzo Siragusa, Sweely (live), Lauren Lo Sung, Gene On Earth, The Ghost and Malika across those dates, as well as back-to-backs between Traumer and Cristi Cons and Shonky, respectfully.

This only tells part of the story, but the rest of ENCORE's programme is set to follow in a similar mould. Think underground House of the least diluted order. Further news coming soon.

The four Traumer Invites dates are on sale now and available below.

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