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Es Paradis: Same, same but different

Often remarked as the world's most beautiful club, Es Paradis transforms for summer 2022.

Whilst lockdown posed a serious threat to the longterm survival of even the most cherished of clubs, the downtime also allowed imaginations to run free. Change was not wanted, but was dealt.

Many venue owners, unsure of when and if ever they were allowed to reopen, used the forced break to give their clubs a bit of TLC. Es Paradis in San Antonio was one such club.

Boxfresh for 2022, Es Paradis has undergone a mini facelift with some notable changes. Coinciding with a revamped music programme, the objectively beautiful club heads into a summer in its strongest state in recent memory.

Es Paradis: same, same but different

Whilst not much has changed structurally, the whole interior has benefited from a fresh lick of paint. Es Paradis' entrance and iconic marble columns are gleaming virgin white, as if new.

Image by shecansee (Sacha Süssli)

In addition to the traditional base coat, elements of the club have been vajazzled. Neon paint now runs down the columns' intricate grooves. The DJ booth has also been repositioned.

If you recall, previously the booth was imperial box-like, above the sunken dancefloor in the centre of the club. It’s now been moved to sit underneath the stairs. This has altered the focal point of the club and it will be interesting to see how this plays out this summer.

Image by shecansee (Sacha Süssli)

Fancy some stargazing? Although the club's roof is likely to only be retracted during daylight, you will still see a spectacular night sky. The south and western internal walls, the latter of which runs behind the DJ booth, have been painted black but sprecked with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Reacting to the club lights, the art radiates like the milky way. A smoking cigarrillo, suspended in space and time, directs customers to the outdoor area. Elsewhere there are images of fruit, including the forbidden apple (so famously commandeered by its noisy neighbours Eden).

Image by shecansee (Sacha Süssli)

There's more shiny disco balls trussed-up overhead, some in elaborate formations. Dayglo lanterns appear to have floated up and gotten caught in the net that straddles the roof, like celestial bodies orbiting the vastness of space.

A stairway to heaven

Upstairs, room two follows in similar fashion. Using the same neon greens and orange against tar black paint, styles of dance from around the world and from different cultures are depicted. Our colourful orbs are also back, dangling from the ceiling.

Overall the upgrades are effective without dramatically changing the aesthetic that makes Es Paradis unique.

Aside from these cosmetic changes, the sound system is punchy and with a renewed programme, including Studio 338’s Release and Lotusland, and the promise of daytime clubbing, an exciting year lies ahead. A return to the glory days could be right around the corner.

Listen to our Es Paradis 2022 playlist below and subscribe here.

Keep your eyes out for more Es Paradis 2022 news coming soon.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Sasha Süssli

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