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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (31) 2-3-2022

A further relaxation of coronavirus restrictions on the Balearic Islands.

This is it folks, our 31st, and possibly penultimate, Coronavirus Update!

Due to a rapid improvement in the pandemic situation on the islands, the Balearic Government has removed all existing Covid-19 related restrictions. There are currently very low levels of transmission and the total number of active cases and patients requiring hospital care has reduced dramatically.

This is great news for the leisure industry here on Ibiza and Formentera as it means that all hospitality, religious, sporting or leisure venues can now reopen to full capacity once again.

For the time being, the Balearic Government has decided to retain the prohibition on smoking on bar and restaurant terraces and on the streets when a safe distance cannot be maintained. This rule is considered a public health issue and not directly related to the pandemic.

The final restriction - the nationwide indoor mask mandate - will be the last measure to go and we hope to bring you the good news about that soon. Until then, please do not forget to use your mask indoors in public buildings, at work, on public transport, at the gym or at massive outdoor gatherings where social distancing cannot be maintained.

We look forward to our next update which we sincerely hope will be our last - then we will never have to mention the C-word again!

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