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Ibiza Spotlight's dreamy sunset playlist

As chosen by our followers and staff.

Last week we asked you, our social media followers, for your quintessential sunset tunes - and boy did you deliver!

Although there were a handful of wildcard suggestions (ahem, Ace Of Spades!), we were inundated with some great picks across our platforms. Lots we knew, some we had forgotten and even a few new ones.

With so much great music, it would have been a travesty not to compile together and form a single giant sunset playlist. Let us tell you now, it's a thing of beauty. TAKE ME THERE NOW

We did set ourselves a few guidelines:

  • Only one track from any recording alias. This meant some tough choices between which Vangelis, José Padilla, Massive Attack and Moby track to go with.
  • Only the full-length, unmixed, studio versions, which meant live tracks and those taken from compilation albums were out. A few more obscure tracks were casualties as a result.
  • The mix most appropriate for sunset. We know we have a lot of old school Trance heads out there, but 140 bpm at sunset isn't necessarily what everyone is looking for. It meant compromises for the likes of Reflekt and Energy 52.

After ruthlessly applying the above parameters, we were left with 74 gorgeous sunset tracks.

But that was so close to the fabled 100, we just felt obliged to top it up with our own choices and contributions from our music-obsessed online community on our forums.

Special thanks to members Tourist, Bahamas, diver, Amigo and Johnny Vodka for their knowledge and taste. In fact, thanks to all of you who commented. The end result speaks for itself.

It's pretty horrid weather today for our UK-based readers, so we're hoping that the next 100 tracks will instil a sense of calm and put you in the mood for summer.

Follow the playlist here and subscribe to our channel for more music here.

Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know.

Otherwise, we hope to see you on the Sunset Strip sometime between April and October.

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