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528 Ibiza closing resonates with vibrant energy

Fantasy and fireworks at the stirring finale

The island’s newest entertainment venue, 528 Ibiza, wrapped for the season in spectacular style this weekend, showcasing new acts and a new energy level. We arrived keen to see how the theatrical dining experience had evolved since its opening night and it was evident from the outset that the show’s performance was much tighter and more confident.

With the addition some death-defying knife throwing, an extra dash of comic relief, an improved soundtrack and more polished vocal performances, plus few minor tweaks to the culinary narrative, the show seemed to flow with a whole new momentum. By the end, the captivated audience and the whole troupe on stage united on their feet for a rousing final medley that included Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson - two tracks guaranteed to get any place jumping.

It’s incredible to think that, with only 5 weeks from casting to opening night, the new show and dining concept was even able to launch in the first place and yet has been such an incredible success. And, that’s not forgetting the beautiful venue, which didn’t even exist at the beginning of the summer.

The 528 Ibiza team have put in an incredible effort to bring their concept to life in such trying times and against all the odds. We must congratulate the determination and togetherness of the cast and crew and look forward to seeing what this talented ensemble can produce next year. With the promise of a full season, further development to the venue and without the limitations of Covid regulations to spoil the party, it promises to be an even more epic experience.

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