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Ibiza club rewind | DC10

The best sets from years gone by.

While for most of the planet, Monday means back to the office and the start of the working week, on Ibiza it’s something quite different. Here Mondays have become synonymous with Circoloco at DC10.

Crazy to think that the party island’s most wild and notorious club night takes place on a Monday, but it’s true.

Getting booked to play at Circoloco is still a career apex for an underground DJ. The prestige it holds and the doors it opens might just be unparalleled.

Down the years, DC10 has undergone a transformation from semi-legal all day afterhours, to fully-licensed sunset through to sunrise all-nighter.

There were times when it looked as though we might lose DC10 altogether - who can remember the tumultuous years of 2007-2009? Thankfully, DC10 lived to fight another day. Like most venues, it was forced to put a roof over its terrace to keep in the sound.

Luckily it lost none of its edge. Those iconic red walls, booming speakers and matrix of lasers still does it for us.

Ricardo Villalobos & [a:rpia:r] | Circoloco | 2009

We start with that man Ricardo Villalobos again. He pops up everywhere. This time he’s mixing things up with the Romanian collective RPR Soundsystem. When the four of them link up in the booth, minimal magic is a given.

Characters behind the decks, but also plenty of smiling, carefree people losing their inhibitions on the opposite side too.

Seth Troxler | Boiler Room Ibiza | 27 July 2019

Love him or hate him, Seth Troxler is the perfect fit for the model DC10 DJ. Eccentric, loud and shameless, it’s little wonder he has become a mouthpiece for the club in recent years. There are few things Seth loves more than DC10!

Unbelievably, Boiler Room’s first ever jaunt inside an Ibiza venue only took place as far back as 2019. Seth was at the front of the queue to not only curate the line-up, but play the closing set.

This was especially memorable for the Ibiza Spotlight club team, because it was the final stop on our mammoth, round-the-lock 2019 clubbing marathon. We have both vivid and hazy memories of this 24 hours, as you might imagine.

Circoloco Closing Party | Monday 4 October 2010

Although, as we’ve said, DC10 has no trouble attracting the top crop of DJ talent, Circoloco isn’t really about superstar names. It’s much more about the crowd, the vibe and the antics on the dance floor. You are guaranteed an experience no matter who is booked to play.

With that in mind, we’ve dug into our own video archives for the above footage, where the true stars are the faces on the dance floor getting lost in the music. Pure hedonism. And, of course, being the Closing Party, it means that everybody let their hair down that little bit more!

The future

Circoloco caused a ripple at the start of April, by posting an artwork mock-up that appeared to indicate a 31 May opening. On a second glance, it was shown to be a hoax. The fish imagery should’ve given it away. Pesce di Aprile = April Fool’s Day. Nice try, Circoloco!

With DC10's large, lantern-lit outdoor Garden, we're hopeful that clubbing can return in some capacity later this summer.

However, in the meantime, Circoloco is filling the clubbing void with an exciting new project. On what would have been the date of its traditional opening party, Circoloco announced the birth of Circoloco Records in association with Rockstar Games. The first EP is out 4 June.

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