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8 very good reasons to rent a villa on Ibiza

We share some of our favourite reasons to make a private villa your island base this summer.

When planning your Ibiza holiday, choosing the accommodation is one of the most fun parts. From rustic chic to sleek, modern minimalism, there is a dream ‘home away from home' for every occasion, size and budget.

Here, we take a look at some very good reasons to opt for a private villa rental on Ibiza this summer…

Live like a local: the ‘Fantasy League' edition

Let's be honest. How many times, after a few Hierbas too many, have you fantasised about what it would be like to live on Ibiza?

Renting a villa on the White Isle lets you experience just that – except your holiday home is likely to be the ‘fantasy league' version of a regular island dwelling.

Whether you want a slick villa complete with infinity pool and views on Ibiza Town or a hidden private estate close to Es Vedra, there is a breathtaking property for every taste. Go live out your wildest dreams of that rockstar Ibiza lifestyle!

Discover new areas

No matter how many times you have visited the White Isle, there is always something new to discover. Renting a villa on Ibiza allows you to explore some of the island's more secluded and natural spots.

Outside of the big and bustling resorts, there are many beautiful – and less busy – corners to be discovered. Which brings us onto the next point…

Ultimate privacy

One of the major benefits of hiring a villa in Ibiza is that you can do as you please, 24/7.

Sunbathing naked by your private pool? No problem. Impromptu karaoke sessions after midnight? Go right ahead. The kitchen is always open, and the bar is never closed – as long as you keep it stocked up!

Quality time with your nearest & dearest

Whether you're coming to Ibiza on a group trip with your mates or a multi-generational holiday with the kids and grandparents, sleeping under the same roof gives you extra time with your favourite people.

Enjoy an early morning yoga session with mum before the rest of the house wakes up, cook up a feast for lunch together or put the world to rights over a nightcap with your pals until the early hours.

Plus, if it is indeed a family holiday, you've got the live-in babysitters (a.k.a. gramps and granny) sorted. Tick!

Save time & money

If you have ever tried to get a large group of your mates organised, you know the stress of the logistics involved! Having everyone under one roof can save a lot of hassle and time when it comes to arranging transport and meeting times.

Plus, renting a villa on Ibiza can be surprisingly economical when you split the cost amongst the group. You'd be surprised what kind of dreamy properties are available from less than €100 per night, per person!

Stay out of the madness…

Especially during the high season months of July and August (link to August survival guide), Ibiza can get a little… hectic. If you can't bear to face the crowds on the beach or fight for your spot by the pool after a big night out, having your own island hideaway will serve you well!

Not having to hustle at the breakfast buffet for your hangover grub or avoid water-bombing teenagers in the pool is not to be underrated!

Be the host with the most

Ibiza is full of exciting culinary and music events! Can you hold your own amongst the best of them? With a dream villa to show off, why not invite your friends over for a fabulous gourmet dinner?

Selecting fresh local ingredients at one of the island's ecological farms and picking up a few fancy bottles at the specialist wine and spirit shops is an experience in itself.

And if you're not a foodie, you always have the option to fill up your pool with inflatables and host the ultimate day-to-night cocktail party!

Get everything brought to you

There comes a time when, after all the beach fun and clubbing action, you just want to chill. It's called a holiday, after all. The great thing about renting a villa on Ibiza is that you can get pretty much everything you need delivered to your doorstep.

From private yoga classes to a five-star sushi takeaway, a BBQ complete with a team to set it up and cook the food for you or a top-up delivery for the in-house bar, it's all just a few taps on your phone away.

So... Let's see what's on the market!

Planning a holiday on Ibiza this year? Check out some spectacular villas available for hire here.

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