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Ibiza Coronavirus Update 9 (9) 19-11-2020

Winter is coming...

As the world continues to brace itself against the effects of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, cases in Ibiza have also continued to increase. There are currently close to 600 active cases on Ibiza and Formentera, a rise of nearly 25% since our last update on the 26 October. Fortunately, the number of hospitalisations has only increased by 10% from 40 to 44.

Sadly, the number of fatalities attributed to Covid-19 has increased by eleven on Ibiza and Formentera, as the virus has spread through local care homes. Almost all of those cases have been vulnerable, elderly patients, with pre-existing conditions.

The island's Government has extended the state of curfew, with all travel between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00 restricted to the essential movement of key workers, those returning from work or a cultural event or in order to get to an air or ferry port on time. It is essential to carry a form of justification to corroborate that journey.

The islands are largely isolated, now with only a few connecting flights to the mainland operating. Indirect travel is still possible, but be aware of the travel restrictions of your home country and Spain. If you're lucky to be travelling to the island's soon, there are some important regulations to bear in mind:

  • Restaurants and bars remain open but are only allowed to serve outside on the terraces, with 50% capacity. Inside service is only permitted for take away food.
  • Masks must be worn in all public places and in any form of transport shared with members of the public.
  • The limit for social gatherings and at restaurant tables remains at maximum of 6 persons
  • Smoking in public places is prohibited, with a fine of €100 for breaking the rule.

Thankfully the beaches are open and the weather is fine, so we are very glad for the opportunity to enjoy lunch and a drink in the sunshine, whenever possible.

As more positive news continues to emerge on the variety of vaccines being developed and the improvements in the speed and efficacy of new testing methods, we can begin to feel optimistic about the much-needed return of the tourism industry in 2021. The European Union and the Spanish Government have signed contracts with several pharmaceutical companies and the roll out of doses to frontline workers and the most vulnerable should begin shortly after Christmas.

Clubbing, at the moment, still remains an unknown factor but we hope to bring more updated information on that subject over the next few months, as the position becomes clearer. You can rely on us to be first with the breaking news so please keep watching this space…

With practically no work this year for many island residents, the economic situation on the island is dire. We realise everyone is facing immense challenges in 2020 but please spare a thought for those in need. We are proud supporters of the amazing work carried out by Carritos Solidarios and the Ibiza Food Bank. Please read on to find out more about how you might be able to help at this difficult time.

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