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Cocktail time, a summer’s book from Pikes

65 recipes to get Ibiza inspired.

The legendary, some say infamous, Pikes Hotel publishes its own book of cocktails, The Pikes Cocktail Book, featuring 65 drinks recipes that catalogue its many mischiefs over the years.

Available now and published by Ryland Peter and Small, you can get liquid inspiration designed by this iconic Ibiza hotel wherever you may be and whatever mood you are. Named chapters include drinks for Sunset, After Midnight and The Morning After.

If you want to be Captain of the Night, there's a drink to match. Maybe you are more Golden Bird or simply want to suck on Sunny's Gay G&T.

Clockwise from left: Sangría; Pikes Cocktail Book cover; Club Tropicana cocktail; Double Clap cocktail; book art; SilknFlavours cocktail

From humble beginnings, the Pikes hotel came to be the watchword for hedonism and secluded luxury for celebrities from across the world.

Stars that include Kate Moss, Grace Jones and Boy George along with Freddie Mercury, after whom Pikes' club space is named, have all borne witness to the notorious Ibiza hotel.

Pikes first achieved worldwide fame after Wham filmed its Club Tropicana video there, opening the door to its status as a temple to wild times.

Priced at an affordable €19.75, The Pikes Cocktail Book makes a perfect gift for yourself or others.

There are many ways to celebrate Ibiza and these cocktails will surely inspire many island memories to come.

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