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Garage Nation drops season line-ups

UKG legends inbound on Tuesdays at Eden.

Do we really like it? Is it, is it wicked?” In a nutshell - yes. Garage Nation has delivered the goods, as it announces the line-ups for Tuesday nights at Eden.

Certifiable garage legends DJ Luck & MC Neat make two polar appearances. It stands to reason that these pillars of the scene should headline both the opening party on 9 June and the closing party on 22 September.

They're joined at the opening by Bugzee and the closing by Redhot.

Multiple bookings are also handed to Oxide & Neutrino (30 June and 28 July), Artful Dodger (16 June and 1 September) and So Solid Crew duo Romeo and Lisa Mafia (both 7 July and 11 August).

Other key dates for the discerning garage connoisseur should be 14 July for Matt Jam Lamont and 18 August for Wideboys. Pied Piper is down for three dates.

Other acts which have immediately caught our eye in the programme, include Hatcha, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Norris Da Boss Windross and MC Creed.

Plus, we can also count on appearances from Majestic, DJ Q, Barely Legal, Scott Garcia, Cartier and the Heartless Crew.

DJ Policy is the weekly resident, playing at all but one date.

Providing the lyrical firepower, Garage Nation haven't scrimped on MCs either. Throughout the season, you can catch Kie, DT, Kofi B, Special MC, Vapour, Sharky P, PSG and more hyping things up on the mic.

No matter which way you look at it, Garage Nation lays on the flava week-in, week-out, making for a comprehensive first season. Essentially, this is a who's who of garage icons.

Full line-up breakdowns can be viewed below, where you can also purchase tickets for every date.

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