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The beauty and originality of Ibiza and Formentera's stunning villas

Rent one for yourself.

Take a short drive out of the towns and holiday resorts of Ibiza and Formentera and into the islands' interiors and a rich architectural heritage is revealed from traditional to contemporary and ultra modern. For those holidaymakers that rent villas when staying on either island, this will not have gone unnoticed.

The entrance hall of Finca Lavanda

Until the beginning of mass tourism, Ibiza and Formentera's architecture had largely remained unchanged for centuries. Even as newer villas have sprung up, the dwellings on both islands retain an aesthetic beauty that is unique, with a style more akin to North Africa and the Levant than the rest of the Balearics and mainland Spain.

Can Savi - a modern interpretation of self-defence

Generations of visitors to Ibiza have been captivated and fascinated by the distinctive, white-painted farmhouses or fincas which dot the landscape. These traditional buildings are constructed using centuries-old techniques that are believed to date back through the period of the Arab occupation, all the way to the earliest settlers of the islands, the Phoenicians.

El Zafiro - Ibiza finca style, dialed up to max

Fitting harmoniously into the natural environment, the fincas are spaced out and built on secure, south-facing positions. Starting from the very humble beginnings of an entrance hall and a separate kitchen and a single bedroom, owners would add extra cube modules to the house, as their families grew in number and prosperity.

Vista Sol d'en Serra - Blending seemlessly into its surroundings

In modern terms, this architecture represents the perfect example of sustainable housing. They represent the epitome of form and function and are constructed from materials sourced the local vicinity, such as limestone, sea grass, juniper beams, mud and ash. Their flat-roofed design maximizes their capability to collect precious rainwater and to dry harvested fruits. Thick, dry-stone walls with small windows are painted white to reflect sunlight, to keep the houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dining in style at Finca Limonero

This singular style of architecture has influenced the work of modern architects, such as Bauhaus and Blakstad, and many of these elements can be can be found incorporated into contemporary buildings. Nowadays the cubic form and functional, austere minimalism is highly prized – with cool, white interiors, blending warm, rustic elements with sleek, modern precision.

Noble rustic charm at Granja Balear

Other iconic features that can be seen incorporated into modern architecture include the sturdy, circular defense towers that ring the Ibizan coastline and the fortress-like churches, built to withstand frequent Berber piracy after the Catalan reconquest of the island in 1235.

Ancient meets modern at Can Cala Moli

You too could enjoy these spectacular houses for yourself by renting one of Ibiza Spotlight's stunning selection of villas. Jump to our villas section and enjoy perusing the beautiful properties we have on display. Even if the experience is only fleeting when staying for a just a week or two or the houses on offer are out of your personal price range, you will be inspired for your next visit to these two jewels of the Mediterranean.

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